RHOBH’s Camille Grammer Slams Ex Kelsey Grammer’s Claim That She Demanded a Divorce on Day of His Mom’s Funeral, Accuses Him of Being Drunk at the Ceremony

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RHOBH's Camille Grammer Slams Ex Kelsey Grammer's Claim That She Demanded a Divorce on Day of His Mom's Funeral, Accuses Him of Being Drunk at the Ceremony

Camille Grammer is fighting back after being labeled “pathetic” and accused of demanding a divorce from her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, on the day of his mother’s funeral.

Days after Kelsey appeared on In Depth with Graham Bensinger and made the shocking claim against his third wife, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is insisting that Kelsey’s statement about her supposed divorce demand “is not true” and accusing him of being drunk at the ceremony.

“My parents were with us in the Hamptons when we received the news about his moms passing. We consoled him and flew back to LA to make arrangements for her funeral,” Camille explained in a statement to The Blast on November 14. “It’s unfortunate that he is rewriting history.”

Camille then took to Twitter, where she reacted to a fan who pointed out that Kelsey had been referring to the day of his mother’s funeral, not the day she passed.

“Nothing really bad happened the day of her funeral except he got drunk with his friends,” Camille replied.

“He was on the program and got wasted with his old drinking buddies,” she continued.

In a third tweet, Camille admitted that while she did give her husband an ultimatum, she did so regarding his drinking.

“Later that day of her funeral and into the evening he was drinking heavily with his friends. I was very concerned about him being ‘off the wagon’ and asked to slow it down or I’ll call The Betty Ford Center,” she explained.

During Kelsey’s interview last week, the actor said he does his best to refrain from speaking about Camille because “so much of her life is spent talking about” him. He then said the RHOBH cast member’s antics were “sort of pathetic” before revealing what allegedly led to the end of their 13-year marriage.

“One day, after I had my heart attack… A month after I had a heartache, my mother died,” Kelsey recalled. “It’s 12 years ago now. The day of my mother’s funeral, [Camille] basically had an explosion about something and started to tell me, ‘I’m out of this,’ ‘I’m out of here,’ again, ‘I want a divorce.’”

According to Kelsey, he and Camille had been having conversations about their impending split for eight years, but after Camille’s supposed blowout on the day of his mother’s funeral, he realized he “was done with her.”

Camille and Kelsey divorced in 2011 and share two kids, 18-year-old daughter Mason and 15-year-old son Jude.

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