RHOD’s Kameron Westcott Calls Out Brandi Redmond for Video Mocking Asians as Brandi Offers a Second Apology After Telling Fans She’d Do the ‘Good Impersonation’ Again

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RHOD's Kameron Westcott Calls Out Brandi Redmond for Video Mocking Asians as Brandi Offers a Second Apology After Telling Fans She'd Do the 'Good Impersonation' Again

Kameron Westcott isn’t happy with Brandi Redmond after seeing a video of her Real Housewives of Dallas co-star seemingly mocking Asians by squinting her eyes and talking with an accent.

After Brandi was seen slamming LeeAnne Locken for her “very racist” comments about Kary Brittingham at the RHOD reunion, Kameron told fans on Instagram that Brandi’s behavior was not “ok” as Brandi offered a second apology on Twitter after doubling down on her antics in a series of tweets last week.

“I was comfortable calling out LeeAnne as a friend for her comments, and I am comfortable calling Brandi out as a friend as well. None of this is ok. I can’t believe we even have to go over these things in 2020,” Kameron wrote in her post according to a screenshot by the AllAboutTRH Instagram page.

She continued, “I will not take part in humiliating anyone, but I have to say that these things will not fly and I am not going to sit and say nothing about it either. I hope we can all learn to be accepting and love one another.”

As RHOD fans well know, racism has been a hot topic over the past several weeks on the show due to a number of comments made by LeeAnne in regard to Kary’s Mexican heritage. So, when the video of Brandi mocking Asians resurfaced last week, years after she shared the video on Instagram in response to D’Andra Simmons mentioning that her eyes were “squinty,” fans slammed Brandi as a hypocrite.


While Brandi did offer an apology after seeing that the video had generated buzz on social media, she also said that she would do it again. She applauded her antics as a “good impersonation” as she stated she made the video in reference to her co-star D’Andra Simmons stating she had squinty eyes.

“It’s a good impersonation if I do say so myself and there was no harm done. I would do it again for a damn good audition,” she wrote on Twitter after her initial apology was shared.

Then, days later, as fans continued to slam her online, Brandi offered another apology.

“A video resurfaced of me from three years ago which at the time I had posted and quickly deleted and then immediately apologized for my insensitivity. I would like to once again sincerely apologize for my offensive actions,” she wrote on January 4.

RHOD Brandi Redmond Apologizes for Racist Video Mocking Asians

Unfortunately, not everyone was convinced her apology was sincere. Many called Brandi out for doubling down on her behavior in a number of other posts.

“You’ve been doubling down on your behavior in that video all week! This is not sincere,” one person said.

“It is never my goal to hurt anyone. I take responsibility for my actions which unfortunately led to many people being hurt and for that I am deeply sorry,” Brandi replied.

The Real Housewives of Dallas season four reunion, part two, airs Wednesday, January 8 at 9 p.m.

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