Kenya Moore Reveals Husband Marc Daly’s Reaction to Watching Himself on RHOA and if They’re Reconciling, Plus She Opens Up About Estranged Mom Reaching Out and Reacts to Rumors of Nene Quitting

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Kenya Moore Reveals Estranged Husband Marc Daly's Reaction to Watching Himself on RHOA and if They're Reconciling, Plus She Opens Up About Estranged Mom Reaching Out and Reacts to Rumors of Nene Quitting

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore reveals what her estranged husband Marc Daly thought after watching himself on the show this season and if they’ll ever reconcile. Plus, Kenya dishes on if she thinks rumors of Nene Leakes leaving the show are true and gets candid about an emotional moment she shared involving her estranged mother.

As fans have seen on the show, Kenya’s been having a rough time seeing eye-to-eye with her husband Marc as they attempt to raise Brooklyn, their first daughter, together.

On the show, Kenya insinuated that she and Marc were both “alphas” and she didn’t always like the way he spoke to her. In fact, fans have called out Marc for coming off as “cold” and “cringe-worthy” for sometimes even ignoring Kenya during a conversation or simply being overly critical. But after seeing himself on the show, Kenya says her relationship with her now estranged-husband has improved.

“And I think you know Marc watching the show back, you know, we shot it like, six months ago, I think that he’s seeing himself and some of the things so, we haven’t gotten along then but we’re getting along amazing now,” Kenya revealed while on the talk show The Real on Wednesday.

Just last September, Marc and Kenya announced their split after only two years of marriage as rumors that he was seeing other women spread like wildfire, which Kenya ultimately denied. But when she was asked on the daytime talk show if she’d ever get back together with Marc, her answer was somewhat surprising.

“Yeah, I think so, um, you know, I think that with counseling and really working on the relationship, being vulnerable, being honest, you know, just keeping it real,” Kenya dished on if she thought she and Marc would ever reconcile. “I think the breakdown happened when we stopped communicating effectively.”

Kenya also took a moment to comment on her costar Nene and what she thought about talk show host Wendy Williams recently claiming the longtime RHOA star was quitting the show.

“Uh, does [Nene] still have bills that need to be paid? Uh no, I don’t think so, I think that’s fake news,” Kenya said of her costar. “Listen, there’s not a lot of jobs out there that will pay a woman in her fifties — a black woman especially — you know, close to or over a seven-figure salary, so no, I don’t think she’s gonna quit any time soon.”

Kenya did, however, admit that she got offered more money to come back to the show, dispelling any rumors that Nene supposedly spread about her, claiming she had “begged” for her spot on the show back and received a pay cut.

“So uh, yeah, they actually gave me a nice little raise to come back so I’m proud of that,” Kenya admitted.

And while fans are used to Kenya throwing shade and being “gone-with-the-wind-fabulous,” the reality star showed her softer side as she opened up about recently receiving a card for her daughter that was signed by her mother who Kenya has been estranged from since birth.

“You know, I have not spoken to [my mother] in basically all my life, and for her to actually acknowledge my daughter was like, a step in — you know, God is good,” Kenya candidly said of her mother’s surprising gesture on the talk show. “Where we go from there, I don’t know. But the fact that she acknowledged her meant the world to me.”

While the thoughtful card clearly touched the Bravo star, Kenya hopes that if anything comes from her mother’s attempt to reach out, it happens “organically.”

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