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PHOTOS: RHOA Star Kenya Moore’s Estranged Mother Reaches Out to Her, See Photos of the Unexpected Birthday Gift and Letter to Her Daughter Brooklyn

PHOTOS: RHOA Star Kenya Moore's Estranged Mother Reaches Out to Her, See Photos of the Unexpected Birthday Gift to Her Daughter Brooklyn

PHOTOS: RHOA Star Kenya Moore's Estranged Mother Reaches Out to Her, See Photos of the Unexpected Birthday Gift to Her Daughter Brooklyn

Is Kenya Moore on the cusp of a reconciliation with her estranged mother, Patricia Moore?

After abandoning the Real Housewives of Atlanta star as a baby, Patricia reached out to the daughter Kenya shares with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Marc Daly, one-year-old Brooklyn Doris Daly, by sending her an unexpected gift for her recent birthday. Kenya’s co-stars couldn’t be happier for the family.

“My prayer has always been to have a family. We had a late celebration for [Brooklyn] for her birthday and got a surprise of a lifetime. My mother sent her a gift for her,” Kenya revealed on December 24.

According to Kenya, she lost hope for a relationship with her mother before the arrival of the gift, which included numerous outfits and a card signed by Patricia and Kenya’s grandmother.

“I had stopped praying about our relationship but God sent a message through my child. This is life. And despite challenges God is always on time,” she explained. “Happy Holidays #love #family #Forgiveness #miraclebaby #healing.”

After Kenya shared this post, a number of Real Housewives stars reacted with comments.

“Awwwwww Kenya! This is beautiful!! I pray you get the relationship you want and deserve from your mother,” wrote former RHOA star Claudia Jordan.

“I’m just praying for Brooklyn to have a great family she deserves that. Our past doesn’t have to be her future,” Kenya replied.

RHOA Claudia Jordan Reacts to Kenya Moore's Mom Sending Gift to Brooklyn

“That is awesome!!!!!” said Kandi Burruss.

Cynthia Bailey and Shamea Morton also weighed in, Cynthia with a red heart emoji and Shamea with a message saying Patricia’s gesture was “sweet.”

Kenya and Marc welcomed their daughter on November 4 of last year after tying the knot in June 2017. Then, in September of this year, just before the season 12 premiere of RHOA, they confirmed their marriage had run its course. Since then, Kenya and Marc’s marital issues have been playing out on the show as Kenya continues to discuss her hopes for a reconciliation.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo TV.


    1. I was wondering that also. She didn’t know who to be in charge of the trust for Brooklyn? Isn’t her aunt an attorney? I sure hope she didn’t f**k up that relationship. Aunt Lori’s daughter visited her and the baby.

  1. And I’m sure that’s not a real baby she has either. (That is meant to be sarcastic) Come on give her a little slack. Just because you don’t like her on air persona doesn’t make her entire life fake. Her daughter looks like a happy happy much loved child. Does it matter if she used a surrogate (idk if she did) or had her natural. Nope. And I’m not a Kenya Stan. I’m not a Stan of any of the housewives. They usually start out ok then second year they bring on the nasty to keep their spot. Disgusted by almost all of them

  2. Sorry, screw the mother. It’s hard to be a parent. Especially being a single parent. It’s hard financially. You’re always worried, it’s physically tiring. You know what’s not hard? Loving your child. Being there for your child. Making your child feel secure and wanted. I’m so over these parents who suddenly have an awakening once the child has grown and is in all ways responsible for themselves that they want to be in their kid’s life. Of course this person wants to be in the baby’s life. She’s in no way responsible for her. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her. What if one day, after the baby is attached to her, that she’s over it? You make your choices in life and sometimes you don’t get a 2nd chance.

    1. ITA, Tammy. I’m suspicious of Kenya’s mother because out of all these years of snubbing Kenya she contacts her because Kenya has a baby? I don’t buy it. Kenya needs to proceed with caution.

    2. I have seen this and after the initial euphoria wears off, they want something from the kid-money or even companionship because they are lonely and alone. It always seems to be about them and not about the kids.

  3. I don’t believe Kenya’s mother sent that card for one second. And if she did, this bitch needs to learn how to keep some shit private.

  4. signatures from the ‘grandma and great grandma’ are the same! Sooo appears it’s written by one person who signed Both names on card

  5. Kenya you are an amazing mother to Brooklyn. I admire you so much for that. I pray Marc and you get back together again. Rhoa.
    As for the Jax and Brittany on vanderpump rules, I’m over them. Jax is going towards 50 years old and him and Brittany are just in it for the fame and they’re getting boring. As soon as their 15 minutes are over, she’ll leave him. He’s a liar and a thief. Don’t watch anymore ugh!

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