Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay Shades Lala Kent as a ‘Flip-Flopper,’ Plus She Gets Candid About Why She Smokes Marijuana

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Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay Shades Lala Kent as a 'Flip-Flopper,' Plus She Gets Candid About Why She Smokes Marijuana

Scheana Shay recently shared her issue with her Vanderpump Rules co-star, Lala Kent, and spilled some personal information regarding her mental state.

Scheana appears to be siding with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix after Lala’s latest Instagram Live rant aimed at the couple. Lala caught the “Lala Virus” (her own words) and blasted Tom and Ariana for insinuating she wasn’t a good friend or a “safe space” for Ariana. As fans know, Ariana recently opened up about her ongoing struggle with depression on the show and Lala offered her support. After reading a story where Sandoval seemingly called her out for speaking about Ariana behind her back, Lala went into “a full melt-down.”

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Scheana offered her opinion on the latest drama between Lala and the couple. The Good As Gold singer said of Lala’s behavior, “That’s very flip-floppy.” She also claimed she’s experienced her own “flip-floppy” problems with her co-star.

“After we did the Like a Boss shoot [music video ad], I was like, why don’t we do this for real? But the thing with Lala – I love her – but she says one thing to my face and another thing behind my back,” she explained.

She went on to claim that although Lala agreed to her face that they should continue to do similar projects together, Scheana believed that in reality, Lala would simply make fun of the idea later.

“You’re [Lala] gonna get home and make fun of me for suggesting this and nothing’s ever gonna come out of it. And nothing’s come out of it, so…,” said Scheana.

After sharing her irritation with Lala, the boy crazy Bravo star did go on to share that “one of her most vulnerable moments” she’s ever had on the show involved spilling her guts to Lala and will be airing later this season. She said she was experiencing her own mental health issues while filming season eight of the show and it had everything to do with fertility treatments and the egg retrieval process.

“I just finally just threw down all my walls and I’m like, yeah, I’m depressed and I’m not happy and here’s why, instead of just acting like, no, I’m fine,” she stated. “I was not in a good place last summer. I was struggling with a lot of anxiety [and] depression.” She went on to add, “I just wasn’t in a good place personally and no one was understanding that.”

Scheana also shared that smoking marijuana helps her with anxiety, and the fact that she was completely sober throughout the process also made things more difficult for her.

“And so being dead sober, injecting myself with hormones, waking up alone every day, like, putting my body through this for a maybe baby? It really took a toll on me emotionally, and I just, I lost it,” she explained.

The 34-year old has complained in recent interviews that she is not a fan of the ‘boy crazy’ label that has been given to her on the show, but she now intends to capitalize on it.

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