Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor Slams “Mean” and “Aggressive” Ariana Madix and Claims She Doesn’t Bring “Anything to Anyone’s Life,” Plus Ariana Says He Spins Things to Make Himself Look Better

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Pump Rules' Jax Taylor Slams "Mean" and "Aggressive" Ariana and Says She Doesn't Bring "Anything to Anyone's Life" as Lisa Vanderpump Defends Her, Plus Ariana Says He Spins Things to Make Himself Look Better

Jax Taylor had nothing nice to say about Ariana Madix after Tuesday’s Vanderpump Rules finale.

Following a heated discussion between the two of them on the episode, during which Ariana called Jax out for continuously trash talking her and her relationship with Tom Sandoval, Jax lashed out at Ariana for being “mean” and “aggressive” as Lisa Vanderpump attempted to defend her and Ariana explained her issues with him.

“I dislike [Ariana],” Jax said on the May 20 episode of the Pump Rules: After Show. “I think she’s mean. She’s aggressive. If it doesn’t involve her, she wants no part of it. I could go on and on and on about it. I just don’t like her. She will only talk about what makes her look good in the limelight. I personally don’t think she brings anything to anyone’s life.”

“I just think she’s a very negative person. I just don’t like the person she is,” he continued.

In response, Lisa, who was sitting beside Jax during the interview, defended Ariana. She pointed out to Jax that Ariana exposed her struggles with depression during Pump Rules season eight.

“She’s been very honest this season about how she’s struggled. She’s been dealing with depression. I do have a lot of empathy for what she’s gone through and I think she has a lot to offer,” Lisa shared.

But Jax wasn’t impressed and pointed out that it took “years” for Ariana to open up.

As Jax ranted against her with Lisa at his side, Ariana shared her thoughts about his behavior during her own After Show segment, telling producers that she is not okay with the way Jax has treated her and others on the show while looking back at their finale chat.

“Whether it’s a projection or not, it’s not okay and I’m not down with it,” Ariana declared. “He was saying that he has a sprained brain and that he was dealing with some depression and things like that… I was hopefully, in my mind before that conversation, thinking I would like to encourage him to see a professional.”

Unfortunately, while she hoped to convince her castmate to get help, things took a different turn as they battled over Jax’s many mistakes and ongoing chatter about her and Sandoval’s relationship.

Looking back, Ariana said Jax, who defended himself on the show by accusing others of equally bad behavior, attempted to spin and deflect in an effort to make her and others look responsible for the drama between them.

“In his eyes, the only way that he looks better is if he makes other people look worse,” she explained.

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