Tamra Judge Slams Kelly Dodd as “Full of S**t,” Discusses Why She Left the RHOC and Offers an Update on Ex Simon’s Cancer Battle

by Lindsay Cronin

Tamra Judge Slams Kelly Dodd as “Full of S**t,” Discusses Why She Left the RHOC and Offers an Update on Ex Simon's Cancer Battle

Tamra Judge hosted a Q&A on her Instagram Stories on Sunday night. During the impromptu chat with her online audience, the former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member discussed her feud with Kelly Dodd and opened up about the show and her ex-husband, Simon Barney.

In addition to reacting to a fan who said no one would watch season 15 if she wasn’t on it, Tamra revealed the real reason she left the show, reacted to a rumor claiming she tried to get Kelly Dodd fired, and offered an update on Simon’s fight against stage three throat cancer.

“Why did you really leave RHOC?” a fan asked Tamra.

“They reduced my [role] to part time and I didn’t accept it. Time to move on,” Tamra replied.

Tamra Judge Reveals Why She Really Left RHOC

Another person told Tamra, “No question. I just can’t wait for Bravo to realize they f**ked up and hire you back!”

In response, Tamra shared a shrugging bitmoji.

RHOC Tamra Judge Reacts to Bravo Messing Up Getting Rid of Her

As the Instagram chat continued, Tamra was confronted with a rumor claiming she attempted to have Kelly axed from her full-time position on RHOC.

“She’s full of sh*t! I’ve never tried to get anyone fired from RHOC. I never had that power!” Tamra explained.

Tamra Judge Denies Trying to Get Kelly Dodd Fired From RHOC

Tamra then responded to a fan who wondered how Simon was coping with his cancer battle and how their three children were dealing with his health crisis.

“He’s staying positive and [convinced] he will [kick] cancer’s a**!” Tamra said. “Kids are doing good considering all that’s going on.”

RHOC Tamra Judge Says Simon Barney is Trying to Beat Cancer

After someone shared a message with Tamra, telling her that RHOC is “over” now that she’s no longer on it, Tamra said the “show must go on” and wished her remaining castmates, including one-time bestie Shannon Beador, “good luck.”

“The show must go on…good luck RHOC,” Tamra wrote.

Tamra Judge Says RHOC Must Go on Without Her

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