VIDEO: Denise Richards is Confronted by RHOBH Costar Teddi Mellencamp About the “Terrible Things” Brandi Claimed She Said About the Cast

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VIDEO: Denise Richards is Confronted by RHOBH Costar Teddi Mellencamp About the "Terrible Things" Brandi Claimed She Said About the Cast

Teddi Mellencamp will be seen confronting Denise Richards about the “terrible things” Denise supposedly said about her and her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates on this week’s episode of the show.

In a just-released sneak peek, the ladies of the show are seen enjoying a group dinner in Rome when Teddi suddenly brings up the things she and Kyle Richards were told by Brandi Glanville during last week’s episode, which included claims of Denise suggesting that Teddi was living in her father John Mellencamp‘s shadow.

“Denise, somebody told me some terrible things that you said about me,” Teddi begins in a preview clip.

“What terrible things?” wonders Denise.

“You said things like I am pathetic, you can’t stand me, and that I’m desperate to fit in with this friend group because I’ve been living in my father’s shadow my entire life,” Teddi explains.

But Denise denies ever saying that.

“I can’t choose who my parents are the same way your kids can’t choose who their dad or mother is. And I just think it’s a low f**king blow,” Teddi continues of Denise’s alleged comments.

“I would never say that about your father. I absolutely would never say something like that,” Denise insists.

While Teddi continues to ask Denise about the things she was told by Brandi, Denise sticks to her story that she never said anything about Teddi or any other member of the RHOBH cast. Then, in her cast confessional, Denise takes aim at Brandi’s credibility.

“Brandi Glanville is your source?” Denise asks the cameras.

As the RHOBH sneak peek, which was shared by Entertainment Tonight continues, Teddi further explains to Denise that she and her castmates were told by Brandi that she had a lot of not-so-nice things to say about the group behind their backs.

Still, Denise denies speaking negatively about the ladies and later reveals that when it comes to her communication with Brandi, she’s “hardly” spoken to her.

“I haven’t said anything about anyone to Brandi at all. I’ve hardly talked to her,” she shares.

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