‘RHOBH’ Brandi Glanville Confirms She “Fooled Around” With Carlton Gebbia, Says Kim Richards No Longer Talking to Her After Hookup Rumors and Teases Tell-All

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'RHOBH' Brandi Glanville Confirms She "Fooled Around" With Carlton Gebbia, Says Kim Richards No Longer Talking to Her After Hookup Rumors and Teases Tell-All

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Brandi Glanville cannot get in touch with her longtime friend Kim Richards.

Weeks after a rumor surfaced in which Brandi was accused of hooking up with Kim and an unidentified man, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member admitted the two of them are now estranged before detailing her hookup with ex-co-star Carlton Gebbia and teasing a potentially upcoming tell-all book.

“Kim Richards is still not talking to me,” Brandi revealed during the November 27 episode of Unfiltered. “She said that she was upset about this threesome rumor. And I said, ‘Are you joking?’”

“I think it all started when I put up a picture of Carlton, Kim, and I. Those are two of my favorite girls. They’re people I’m actually friends with. And that’s where I think it all started,” Brandi explained. “I’m going to make this clear, I’ve never had a threesome with Kim and Carlton, never with Kim, ever. We are just friends.”

In a tweet shared last month, Brandi accused Denise Richards‘ PR team of leaking the hookup rumor before denying anything romantic occurred between herself and Kim.

Dear whoever represents [Denise Richards] for PR & continues to feed untruths to blogs. I have NEVER had a threesome with [Kim Richards],″ Brandi continued. “She is one of my best friends [and] that’s it. This is hurting our friendship please STOP!!”

Continuing on to listeners of her podcast, Brandi said it was she and Carlton who engaged in a hookup with a mystery man.

“Carlton and I, we fooled around. It was after her and David split up and we had a wild night,” she shared.

As for the biggest misconception people have of her as a result of her time on RHOBH, Brandi said viewers often think she is “drunk seven days a week, 24 hours a day.”

“On [RHOBH], that’s what they show, and it’s just not [the case],” she explained. “Yes, I love to party. I love to dance on tables. I love to drink. But I also don’t wake up and have champagne… unless it’s Sunday!”

While Brandi has been known for her wild ways in the past, she’s also done a lot that she’s proud of, such as becoming a New York Times best-selling author in 2013 with her first book, Drinking and Tweeting, and again in 2014 with the follow-up, Drinking and Dating.

Moving forward, Brandi says that while she hopes to release a new book soon, she is not yet sure if her next publication should be a tell-all.

“I’ve been writing a lot. I have one specific chapter… It’s called, ‘The Emails I Never Sent.’ I thought it could be a good chapter because there’s quite a few people you guys know in these emails!” she teased.

“Is this my tell-all?” she wondered. “I would want to go balls to the wall and talk about all the bullsh*t I’ve endured through work situations [and] romantic situations. I want to tell the truth and I want to say their names and have people know who I’m talking about. But is it time for that book right now?”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast will return to Bravo sometime next year for season 11.