RHOP Reunion Finale Recap: Gizelle and Chris Samuels Go At It; Monique Finally Apologizes to Candiace

by Elizabeth Comments

RHOP Reunion Finale Recap: Gizelle and Chris Samuels go at it and Monique finally apologizes to Candiace!

On the finale of the EPIC Reunion of the Real Housewives of Potomac, we are back for more secrets to be told! How will this roller coaster of a season close out? Let’s open up the shady binder and see what we find.

Let’s get back to where we left off, but I would highly recommend having spiked eggnog by your side to self-medicate through this messy drama. I must forewarn you that things are not always as they seem to be in Potomac. We have been led to believe pretty much all season that the real drama was between Monique and Candiace, but there were other fires burning. We saw Gizelle’s faux relationship going down in flames and will now see the vitriol spewed between Gizelle and Chris Samuels.

We start back from last week with Andy questioning Monique on her non-reaction. Candiace left the set in tears and went backstage to be with Chris B. She is flummoxed about why Monique isn’t doing what she had expected her to do on camera.

Monique is sharing with Andy that Candiace’s hand in her face was a trigger from childhood. She claims she processes things differently than most.

Candiace asserts she didn’t have a choice but to file charges. She is incensed that the media was getting information about the fight before it was aired. Monique acknowledges that she knows the friend who leaked the story to the press. She denies involvement in spreading the news before the season aired.

Andy asks Monique how she felt when Karen said she would have pressed charges against Monique if she had dragged her. She was able to get past what Karen said about pressing charges since she is entitled to her own opinion. Monique tells the group that Karen was calling her out off-camera on her bad behavior.

Andy inquires if the other ladies wanted Monique to go to jail. Robyn didn’t want her arrested and taken away from her kids. Gizelle, very smugly with her bitter lemon face, preferred that Monique got an ankle bracelet latched onto her. She might consider putting one on Jamal so she can create her own shady binder on his shenanigans in Atlanta with Tunya Griffin.

Candiace thinks Monique’s “quack lawyer” urged her to countersue. She doesn’t like that she got the evil villain image since the viewers thought she was trying to take Monique away from her kids. Monique was told that Candiace’s lawyer was suing for millions and using the Bravo footage as leverage. I get the sense that there is truth to this, but it gets glossed over during this Reunion. Also, Monique’s lawyer must not be that much of a “quack” as he was able to successfully get all of Candiace’s charges against Monique dismissed…

Ashley was frankly surprised by what happened when she saw the footage. She does admit that she is loyal to Monique since she apparently knows where the bones are buried. Ashley basically has chosen her side based upon self-protection from her own dirty laundry being aired.

Monique tries to tell Candiace that the incident was triggered by a childhood incident with her dad. She basically shares that she was bullied by her dad. Candiace’s actions brought her back to that incident.

Monique apologizes to Candiace and finally acknowledges that she didn’t deserve what happened to her. Candiace thinks this apology was 365 days too late. I have to agree with this since there should have been some resolution before, but the lawyers involved probably didn’t want that to happen. Neither did Bravo for their own reasons.

Monique asserts that she wouldn’t apologize over social media and her lawyer didn’t want her to own it earlier. I do believe the second part since the lawyer probably didn’t want her to publicly own that she had any culpability due to the dueling cases.

Monique accuses Candiace of doing “snake stuff” behind her back. She seems to expect this mess to be over by apologizing to Candiace at this point. Candiace isn’t buying into her apology. She is peeved over the song “Drag Queens” and feels it is targeted at her. Monique claims it is not directed to her. She isn’t honest about her intentions to write that song. Candiace reads the lyrics and it clearly is a song about the altercation.

Candiace will admit that she is a wordsmith and is good at “cussin and fussin.” She thinks she was funny about her interactions and didn’t act out. Candiace thinks that if she were sleeping with her husband or stealing her money, then she would have deserved that treatment. She refuses to own that her words are damaging and very hurtful.

Karen is called out on her loyalty to Monique. Candiace feels that Karen didn’t take her feelings into consideration. She valued their relationship and felt Karen didn’t reciprocate.

Karen claims her medical condition comment about Monique wasn’t appropriate since she isn’t a doctor. Dr. Wendy tries to interject herself into this conversation. She is almost like a kid in class with his hand up saying, “Hello, hello, you know who is a doctor?” I am sorry, I just can’t with this arrogant overachiever.

Karen is called out on leaving her wig party. She denies that she planned that these two rival divas were to collide at her wig event. Karen changed her feelings about the incident when she saw the police report about Candiace “releasing the glass in self-defense.” Why is Andy calling our Grande Dame a liar?

Apparently, Karen called Bravo and reported Candiace for threatening her over her comments on social media. She used a text from Candiace where she felt that Karen was holding Robyn and Gizelle culpable for their part in this plot. Karen thinks they started the fire and sat back and watched the fire burn between Monique and Candiace.

In this text, Candiace told Karen to burn in eternal hell. Yikes, there is a lot of yelling right now between these two. Karen doesn’t regret calling in the Bravo bosses. I honestly didn’t expect these two to get so heated.

Andy tries to mediate this screaming match between Karen and Candiace. He thinks that since they were genuine friends that is why it got so heated. Mr. Andy might be on point on this one.

Andy calls for a timeout and the husbands are being brought out. Chris Samuels appears to be really fired up already. He asks Monique if anyone owned up to the plot on his child yet.

I am distracted by the back of Robyn’s dress. I am not sure if it is a big sweat stain on the back of her dress or just run off from her zebra-striped coloring on her hair. Sorry, I digress, but you sometimes catch things when they are transitioning from scene to scene.

Andy tries to ask Chris S. about the “Last Dance” documentary. Chris isn’t interested in Andy’s drivel nonsense. He wants to get to the root of this season. He is fired up and really upset over the rumors about his baby’s paternity. I have to say I don’t like seeing him so upset since I am such a fan of his.

Andy tries to change the narrative with Chris S. by talking about our beloved T’Challa. Chris said he is not an animal person but it makes his family happy so he is game. Sorry, I just swoon over him and his gentle giant persona.

Michael is allegedly at a wedding in South Carolina. Juan, aka the baller, had to work and is at basketball practice. Gizelle says, “Jamal is lecturing.” Sure they all are BUSY! Why are these three players not in attendance? They were all a huge part of the storyline all season and they are given a hard pass at the Reunion? I call bullsh*t on this Bravo hypocrisy!

Eddie is looking really dapper and handsome. He gets questioned about his fractured relationship with his family. Eddie and Wendy have almost been married for 10 years and he is proud of that. He seems like a genuinely good man and if he wants to make it to 11 years he might want to rethink his wife’s participation in this show!

Ray gets asked about his marital troubles this season with Karen. He didn’t like being the focus this season. Ray does call Karen out on all of the years where he gave her everything and she was spoiled. He doesn’t feel like he owes her any money after he took care of her by giving her a stipend. Mr. Huger isn’t taking this financial shade sitting down!

Chris gets asked about cutting the cord with Dorothy’s wallet and moving into their new home. He didn’t like the comments that Candiace had made in the past on their sex life. He claims their sex life has gotten better since they have a new home to christen.

Chris S. gets questioned about his involvement with his kids. He sounds like he stepped up his daddy game. Chris gets grief over his fellatio joke about Monique. Dr. Wendy wouldn’t like it if her husband Eddie outed her like that. She needs to see it as a joke and stop acting like she is so prim and proper after she was caught on camera saying some pretty racy stuff.

Did I just hear Gizelle say she needs a security guard to protect her from Chris Samuels because of his Instagram video? He made a video with Monique and was infuriated by what he perceived to be a plot against his family. Chris said if he wasn’t a man he would have stomped them. He apologizes to the main plotter, Gizelle. Chris wanted to turn into Bruce Jenner and slap the sh*t out of these women. Stop, Chris, don’t stoop down to Gizelle’s very, very low level.

Gizelle gets her panties in a wad when Chris stands up like he is going to lay hands on her. She needs to worry more about where Jamal is laying his hands. This is another situation I didn’t see coming during this reunion. Who knew that these two would get more heated than Monique and Candiace?

Candiace, very calmly I might add, talks to Chris about the conversation after Andy’s baby shower. She felt the rumor about Chase had no merit so she chose to not even acknowledge the stupidity. I love when she says that “Gizelle is gossipy and very messy.” AMEN, Sister!

Andy doesn’t understand why this is so heated since it wasn’t brought up on camera. We then get a montage of clips to illustrate where that isn’t the case. Those producers are outing Mr. Cohen!

Gizelle thinks because she was asked by Chris if the baby looked like him that he was opening up the door. Did I just hear Gizelle say, “Why is that big motherf*cker even here?” A better question would be why isn’t the Pastor Holy wh*re in attendance to atone for his sins?

Robyn and her ridiculous ball cap company are mentioned and she claims her sales are tremendous. The other ladies claim that the material used in them protects their edges. Robyn is also questioned by Andy on whether or not she and Juan will ever get married again. Robyn is allegedly breaking ground on a new house. Her taxes are allegedly “handled.” What does that even mean?

Gizelle and Chris S. really have a lot of animosity between them. She can’t answer when the question comes up about spreading the rumors about Chase. Gizelle is truly the green-eyed jealous bandit.

Ashley gets asked about Michael’s cryptic comments regarding Juan never making it to the altar with Robyn. She explains that Juan was good with how things were. Robyn is so glad that Juan Dixon is not there when Chris is talking about how upsetting it was to hear the questions about his baby. Why would he do something to protect her? He has made her look like a total green-eyed doormat since this show started why would he defend her honor now? Give me a break, Robyn!

Andy asks Chris B. about the altercation with Michael at the engagement party. I have to give it to Ashley. She is suspiciously stoic when Michael’s bad behaviors are brought up. Chris B. got upset since he doesn’t allow another man to disrespect women in his presence.

Chris S. gives his wife a hug and tells her how he admires her strength during all of this. He is obviously a big softie when it comes to his wife. I love this Chris Samuels!

Chris does have to throw out a shady comment directed at Gizelle. She needs to get some help since “hurt people hurt people.” Side note: We have seen preview clips of him saying that and we were all led to believe he was referring to Candiace but it was actually Gizelle. Hmm, shady editing Bravo!

The two Chrises have a come to Jesus moment. Thank God that these two can learn to put their differences aside and move on. Chris B. wants his wife back since Candiace has changed since it happened.

We now get the final comments from all of the ladies. Wendy thinks she orates in a combative way. Nope, just in an arrogant way. Robyn is happy that she got Juan to put a ring on it. Yeah, for the cameras, but he couldn’t show up for this Reunion, could he? Ashley is thrilled that she is pregnant with baby number two. I just don’t get their relationship and never will.

Gizelle, with her lemony frown turned upside down, lies her as* off about calling Jamal about the rumors. She is still spinning her ridiculous tale of love rekindled when we all know it is a scam. Karen is thrilled to get a proposal from Ray. She hopes she doesn’t get the housewife curse from vow renewal. We do too!

Andy wraps up season five of the reunion after 11 hours. Wow! That was really eventful. They decide to all do the “Wendy slither” out of the reunion. It is a wrap, you all, and I need a stronger cocktail than eggnog to wind down after this season! I want to wish everyone a very Happy 2021 and thanks for riding this crazy train with me all season! Be well and see you next year!