LA Times Writers Weigh in on Tom Girardi’s Legal “Nightmare” and Current “Pressure Points” as They Discuss Their Bombshell Story on Him, Plus They React to RHOBH Star Erika Jayne’s Reveal of His Alleged Mistress

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Los Angeles Times Writers Weigh in on Thomas Girardi's Legal "Nightmare" and Current "Pressure Points," Plus Suggest His Firm is No Longer Operating and React to RHOBH Star Erika Jayne's Reveal of His Mistress

Harriet Ryan and Matt Hamilton, the writers behind a Los Angeles Times article that recently highlighted the “rise and fall” of Erika Jayne and Thomas Girardi, are once again speaking out about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member and her estranged attorney spouse.

After extensively delving into the apparent demise of Thomas’ legal career, Harriet and Matt spoke to Kate Casey on her podcast about the current hardships facing the couple, the status of Thomas’ law firm, Girardi Keese, and the shocking reveal of Thomas’ past mistress, Tricia A. Bigelow.

“It is the nightmare scenario for any lawyer, that this would happen, that everything you built would just fall apart. And I think a lot of people are thinking, ‘If this could happen to Tom Girardi, it can potentially happen to me,’” Harriet shared on the January 1 episode of Reality Life with Kate Casey. “It’s scary.”

Harriet had never actually seen RHOBH prior to writing the article and had no idea who Erika was. Meanwhile, Matt was nearly just as in the dark about Erika, having only seen the series “here and there.” That said, both were privy to Thomas due to his lengthy career as one of Los Angeles’ top attorneys.

Looking back at the start of their investigation into Thomas and his firm, Harriet and Matt said they began hearing rumblings in regard to potential legal trouble for Girardi Keese about a year ago. Then, this past fall, they revisited the issue after noticing an uptick in cases against him and began doing a deeper dive into the troubles of his firm.

“There are several different pressure points facing Tom at the moment,” Matt explained.

According to Matt, Thomas is facing not only the potential loss of his legal license, but also prison time after allegedly embezzling money meant for clients. He’s also having to deal with an impending federal investigation against him and the reported closure of his firm after experiencing payroll issues in recent weeks.

“It’s no longer a law firm,” Matt stated, adding that Thomas and his brother Jack appear to be the only remaining attorneys at Girardi Keese.

As for how Erika fits into it all, Matt admitted that when it comes to her role in the case, there are many uncertainties. That said, there have been plenty of suspicion surrounding the huge loans deposited into Erika’s entertainment company.

Because Thomas is facing an involuntary bankruptcy, which was prompted by his creditors at the end of last year, the many civil cases against him have essentially been put on hold. In addition, his assets, as well as the assets he shares with Erika and his firm, have been frozen as the courts attempt to determine just how much money remains.

Speaking of Erika’s shocking post and delete that exposed Tricia’s past romance with her husband, which her attorney has since confirmed, Harriet told Kate that because Erika included Tricia’s phone number in her post, there is an added criminal layer to the situation.

As RHOBH fans may have heard, Tricia’s attorney accused Erika of harassing Tricia on social media and threatened to take legal action against her.

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