Thomas Girardi’s Law Firm Website is Shut Down as RHOBH Star Faces Another Lawsuit for Allegedly Failing to Pay $550K to a Court Reporter Company

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Thomas Girardi's Law Firm Website is Shut Down as RHOBH Star Faces Another Lawsuit for Allegedly Failing to Pay $550K to a Court Reporter Company

The website of Erika Jayne‘s estranged husband Thomas Girardi‘s law firm, Girardi Keese, is no longer accessible.

As the attorney, whose Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star wife filed for divorce in November, faces millions of dollars worth of lawsuits against both himself and his firm, including a new $550,000 case from a court reporter company, news of the website’s shutdown has been confirmed.

As of December 22, visitors of are met with a message that confirms the website is “down.”

“If you are the site owner, please contact system admin,” an additional message states.

RHOBH Thomas Girardi's Law Firm Website is Down Amid Legal Drama

As reported last week, Thomas is currently being sued by his law firm partner, Robert Keese, of Girardi Keese, who is accusing Thomas of owing him $506,000 for the use of his name.

As for the latest lawsuit filed against Thomas, attorney Ronald Richards shared the news of a case from Veritext on Twitter on December 18.

“New civil action that not should surprise anyone by now, but Girardi has stiffed Veritext, his court reporter for the largest bill we have ever seen, near $550,000.00. See attached complaint. #girardifraud. This is sickening. None of these court reporters will get paid,” he revealed.

While a number of people felt it was extremely odd that the court reporter company had no written agreement with Thomas, Ronald explained that the absence of a written agreement is actually common due to the fact that court reporting is done on record.

“It is very common court reporters and attorneys don’t have written contracts as the attorneys appear on the record so there is no dispute as to who ordered the reporter,” he told one woman.

Another person wanted to know why the company and its reporters didn’t go public with their claims against Thomas until now.

“They believed the lies. Typical for fraud victims. Also he was a famous attorney,” Ronald noted.

In addition to the legal drama Thomas is facing, the attorney is also dealing with personal turmoil after Erika accused him of cheating on her with California justice Tricia A. Bigelow in a since-deleted post on Instagram over the weekend.

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