RHOC’s Elizabeth Vargas Blasts Braunwyn as “Extremely Narcissistic” and “Hypocritical” for Saying She’ll Be “Heartbroken” If Husband Sean Dates and Agrees She’s “Making Everything Up for Fame,” Plus Kelly and Emily React

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RHOC's Elizabeth Vargas Suggests Braunwyn Windham-Burke is "Extremely Narcissistic" and "Hypocritical" for Saying She'll Be "Heartbroken" If Husband Sean Dates Another Woman and Agrees She's "Making Everything Up for Fame," Plus Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson React

Elizabeth Vargas called out Braunwyn Windham-Burke on Instagram on Sunday after seeing what she said about her husband Sean Burke dating someone new.

After Braunwyn told a fan she would be “heartbroken” if Sean fell in love with another woman, the Real Housewives of Orange County star slammed the mother-of-seven as narcissistic and hypocritical before agreeing with a fan who suggested Braunwyn was making stuff up for fame.

“OK.. I’m sorry but this is just getting to be wayyyy [too] much,” Elizabeth wrote in a post shared on January 3 on Instagram. “Didn’t she just announce she’s NEVER been attracted to him EVER & she’s ‘SLEEPING WITH WOMEN’! Acceptable behavior because she calls it a ‘modern marriage’ or extremely narcissistic & hypocritical…Thoughts?”

Then, after typing out several hashtags, including a hashtag for “don’t be a Braunwyn” and another for “Team Sean,” Elizabeth said, “You can’t make this sh*t up.”

RHOC Emily Simpson Calls Out Braunwyn Windham-Burke for Comment About Sean Dating

In the comments section of Elizabeth’s post, one person told the newest member of the RHOC cast, “I’m loving that you’re calling it out.”

“Next she’ll be jumping out of a flying saucer with an alien landing on a mountain screaming, ‘I’m in love with an alien now.’ I mean come on what’s next?” Elizabeth replied.

Another person said, “There is nothing modern about someone who is making everything up for fame. Last I checked it’s not ok to be married and have a girlfriend/boyfriend on the side.”

In response, Elizabeth added several 100 percent emoji to a comment of her own.

RHOC Elizabeth Vargas Believes Braunwyn Windham-Burke is Lying for Fame

After Elizabeth’s post was “liked” by both Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson, Kelly offered a response to her castmate’s sentiments.

RHOC Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson 'Like' Elizabeth Vargas' Post Dissing Braunwyn-Windham Burke

After Bravo Housewives shared details of Elizabeth’s post on Instagram, Kelly wrote, “You did so well [Elizabeth] I’m so proud of you!! Team EV!! You are a good person.”

RHOC Kelly Dodd is Proud of Elizabeth Vargas for Brauwnyn Windham-Burke Diss

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