Dr. Tiffany Moon Slams Kameron Westcott For “Offensive” Instagram Post and Blocking Her as Brandi Weighs in on Drama, Plus RHOD Live Viewing Thread!

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Dr. Tiffany Moon Slams Kameron Westcott For "Offensive" Instagram Post, Compares Her To A 6-Year-Old As Brandi Redmond Weighs In On Drama, Plus RHOD Live Viewing Thread!

Dr. Tiffany Moon and Kameron Westcott continue to feud over chicken feet.

As Real Housewives of Dallas fans likely know, Tiffany and Kameron got off on the wrong foot (no pun intended) when Tiffany hosted a nice dinner for the ladies at a Chinese restaurant. She wanted the ladies to step out of their comfort zones and try some of the food from her culture. Unfortunately for Tiffany, Kameron wasn’t willing to do so, and when her new co-star tried to convince her to eat a chicken foot, she felt like she was being forced and ultimately placed the popular Chinese food item under the table.

Once the anesthesiologist watched the show and realized where the chicken foot ended up, she shaded Kameron by comparing her to a child.

“Sometimes my kids feed food they don’t like from the table to the dogs, so she’s basically acting like my 6-year-old,” Tiffany quipped in an interview with StyleCaster. “She could’ve just set it aside, she didn’t have to set it on the floor. But if she’s going to be the queen of etiquette at restaurants, is that part of the etiquette book that she read?”

Now, it seems the SparkleDog CEO has fired back at the RHOD newcomer with a since-deleted Instagram post.

“Chicken feet??? I’d rather eat SparkleDog Treats!!!” she captioned the post.

Her co-star, Brandi Redmond, commented on the post, “You’re so funny. Love [you],” along with several laughing while crying emojis.

Nevertheless, Dr. Tiffany did not find the post funny at all and took to Twitter to blast Kameron’s sense of humor, calling it “offensive.”

“Ok Kam. YOU said you’d rather eat dog food than food from my culture. I admit I was pushy, but this is outright offensive. So then you block me? GOT IT. For the record I have never called you a racist,” she wrote, adding a “you said it” and “let me get my reunion portfolio” hashtag.


Tiffany has previously stated that she wasn’t upset with Kameron for not eating the foot, but she was upset with the way she mocked the food.

“When she was like, ‘You’re stereotyping your country,’ I was like, ‘I’m not stereotyping anything,’” Tiffany explained. “We across China eat all sorts of food, including chicken feet. It’s not that she wouldn’t eat the foot really. The part that upset me was she was like, ‘Oh. Um. Does anyone have a barf bag?  It’s insulting when you try to share your culture with someone and they have such a strong negative reaction to something that is commonplace for your culture.”

Though Kameron chose to remove the post, it appears that the damage has been done and it seems that “feet-gate” will continue.

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