‘RHONJ’ Margaret Josephs Defends Joe Gorga Against Claims of Owing Money, Admits Her Husband Joe Benigno “Hurt Some People” After Jackie Says She Had a Screaming Match With Someone “Unexpected,” Plus Live Viewing Thread

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'RHONJ' Margaret Josephs Defends Joe Gorga Against Claims of Owing Money, Admits Her Husband Joe Benigno "Hurt Some People" After Jackie Says She Had a Screaming Match With Someone "Unexpected," Plus Live Viewing Thread

The Real Housewives of New Jersey husbands are stirring up their own drama in season 11.

Margaret Josephs is dishing on what fans can expect as she defends Joe Gorga against claims of owing money and names the shocking person who “hurt some people” this season. As it turns out, that person is her own husband, Joe Benigno.

In a new interview, Margaret first fires back at RHONJ friend Michelle Pais‘s claim that Joe Gorga allegedly owes her husband “tens of thousands” as she claimed that the money was from speaking engagements her husband did for Joe.

“It’s inaccurate and, again, not true at all,” Margaret told Entertainment Tonight. “Anybody who comes with something from 18 months ago? It’s obviously not true. I think It’s crazy. My husband, Joe Gorga and Frank [Catania] work together every single week and there’s never been one issue with them. Money flows freely between them and so I just think this comes out of left field. … It wasn’t very authentic or believable.”

As fans have likely noticed in the season 11 trailer, Margaret and Joe are seen having a heated argument, which is abnormal for the couple, but Margaret is shedding some light on the incident in a new interview.

“You know, the men are worse than the women as far and I’m concerned,” she shared. “With their gossip, they have loose lips, they drink, and my husband is not always eloquent and says the right things when he’s drinking.”

Apparently, the alcohol caused Joe to dish on something he shouldn’t have, and though Margaret understands her husband, she says some of what he said got “misconstrued.”

“He says some things that he doesn’t mean, it doesn’t come across right and it’s misinterpreted,” she explained. “And I tell him all the time ‘do not speak out of turn when you’re drunk, you don’t always say the right thing,’ and he says some things that are misconstrued and it’s inaccurate. And I know what he means when he speaks but not everybody else does.”

Margaret doesn’t reveal who her hubby hurt, but Jackie Goldschneider recently admitted to getting into a screaming match with someone “unexpected.”

“He caused a very big problem and hurt some people along the way,” the star noted.

Margaret added, “I will hold anybody’s feet to the fire, even my own family members, and my beloved Joe. And I held his feet to the fire and it was not pretty.”

The Macbeth Collection CEO appeared stressed as she continued to discuss the matter.

“It’s upsetting…” Margaret said with a sigh. “I don’t like to hurt anybody. And innocent parties, when they get hurt I feel horrible and I don’t wanna be a part of something like that.”

Unfortunately for the star, this isn’t the only time Margaret has felt the need to explain her husband’s actions. On the March 3 episode, Joe was seen telling the other husbands that he had been hearing rumors in his home about Evan Goldschneider cheating on Jackie. As a result, Margaret took to Twitter to explain that Joe had only heard the allegation after Teresa Giudice gossiped about it at Evan’s birthday party.

“Joe exaggerated,” she said in a tweet. “It’s [five] women in our house and yes we talk about the cheating rumor non stop since we heard it at Evan’s party.”

Jackie re-tweeted Margaret’s message, but fans will have to wait and see how all of this drama plays out on the upcoming episodes.

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