RHOSLC Star Jen Shah Sends Cease and Desist to Instagram Bloggers After Being Caught on Video Berating Employees, Claims Footage Was “Illegally Obtained” and Accuses Them of Infliction of “Emotional Distress”

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RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Sends Cease And Desist After Being Caught On Video Berating And Throwing Things at Employees, Accuses Instagram Users of "Defamation" and Infliction of "Emotional Distress"

Jen Shah is threatening to take legal action against the Instagram bloggers who shared audio and video clips of her berating and throwing things at her employees.

Days after the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member was allegedly heard threatening to “beat the sh*t out of” her designer, Koa Johnson, who has since resigned, and seen verbally assaulting another member of her “Shah Squad,” she and husband Sharrieff Shah, aka “Coach Shah,” fired off a letter through attorney David C. Reymann.

In a screenshot of the cease and desist letter shared by Lala Lucy on Twitter, Instagram users @RealityvonTease2 and @ShahsShepherd are addressed.

“I have been advised that each of the above-listed accounts contains content relating to Mr. and Ms. Shah. Among other things, each account contains video and/or audio content that was unlawfully acquired from the Shahs’ home security system, as well as further false and defamatory comments regarding Ms. Shah,” the letter began on March 8.

“You are hereby on notice that the content you have posted and conspired to post regarding the Shahs has been illegally obtained, including the unlawfully acquired video and audio recordings, and that your dissemination of that content on Instagram and otherwise subjects you to liability under multiple federal and state laws. This liability includes violations of the federal and state laws.”

According to the attorney, each of the allegations carries both criminal and civil liability.

“Furthermore, the conduct described above subjects you to further liability for multiple common law torts under Utah law. These include torts for invasion of the Shahs’ privacy, including intrusion upon seclusion and publication of private facts; defamation; false light; tortious interference with economic relations; and intentional infliction of emotional distress,” the letter explained.

As the letter continued, it was noted that Jen and Sharrieff are demanding the Instagram accounts immediately remove all content regarding the two of them.

“The Shahs further demand that you immediately cease and desist from all further publication of any unlawfully obtained communications, including audio and/or video recordings, of the Shahs, and cease and desist from making further false and defamatory statements regarding the Shahs,” the letter stated.

“If you do not immediately comply with the demands in this letter, your liability for the unlawful conduct described herein will continue to increase and the Shahs will take all necessary actions to protect their legal rights. Time is of the essence regarding these matters. We will view each hour that passes following your receipt of this letter as additional evidence of your willful and malicious conduct. Once you have complied with these demands, please contact me with evidence to certify that you have done the same,” the letter concluded.

At this time, it is not known who initially leaked the video to the public from the Shahs’ security system.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season two is currently in production.

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