RHOSLC Begins Filming Season 2! Find Out Who’s Returning as Production is Reportedly Testing New Women, Plus Live Viewing Thread

by Emily Campbell Comments

RHOSLC Begins Filming Season 2, Find Out Which Cast Members Are Returning As Production Is Reportedly Testing New Women, And Live Viewing Thread

Watch out for flying cocktail glasses if you live in Utah because filming on the second season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is reportedly underway.

The newest Housewives franchise has been a big hit with fans as it’s been delivering the type of drama that Bravo fans ultimately crave. As the inaugural season is coming to an end, with the final installment of an epic three-part reunion airing tonight, fans are pumped that the ladies are already filming season two.

According to HousewivesOfSLC on Instagram, all six cast members have been asked back. As far as potential new cast members, the fan account says they cannot confirm anything just yet, but production is allegedly testing a few women out and there may be a couple of “friend” additions to the show next season.

However, one fan doesn’t seem to think the show needs a new cast member.

“Yessss omggg ???????? is there anyone new [that’s] coming on (tbh for season 2 [I don’t] think there needs to be another cast member added maybe season 3 ),” the person wrote.

Another fan would like to see more of the corky, “high-end hoardingMary Cosby.

“Hopefully we see more of Mary and she is not used as a filler. I know she seems boring but I feel like there are layers there to peel away—and she showed she is shady as f**k at that reunion,” the fan professed.

It’s likely that much of the drama that has taken place at the reunion will spill over into season two because there seem to be many unresolved issues thus far. For instance, Lisa Barlow‘s beef with Heather Gay and Whitney Rose, and vice versa, would probably provide enough content for at least two episodes.

Speaking of the blonde cousins, we’ll have to wait and see if they continue to “put it on heavy” for the cameras in season two like Lisa alleges. She has claimed in multiple interviews that Heather and Whitney are only on the show for fame.

“I would think two of them did [the show] for just fame and are like obsessed with fame,” Lisa quipped while on the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast. “For me, I didn’t go into it for that reason. I’m proud of what I accomplished [and] I’m not embarrassed of anything.”

She also reiterated that sentiment on Sunday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live when host Andy Cohen asked the Vida Tequila CEO who she believes changes their personality the most when the cameras are rolling.

“Do I need to answer this?” she responded with a laugh. “I think the cousins definitely put on for camera.”

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Live Viewing – This is also the live viewing thread for the conclusion of the three-part season one reunion, which airs tonight on Bravo at 10/9c. As the episode airs, please share your comments in our chat below.