‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice On Why She Chose Evan’s Party to Share Cheating Rumor, Denies Being a “Vindictive” Person and Says She Wasn’t Aware of Jackie’s Party Redo as Jackie Suggests She’s an “Animal”

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RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice Explains Why She Shared Evan Cheating Rumor And Reacts To Jackie Joking About The Claim As Jackie Suggests She’s An “Animal”

Teresa Giudice is opening up about the rumor she spread about Evan Goldschneider‘s potential cheating on The Real Housewives of New Jersey season premiere.

Weeks after Teresa repeated the shocking claim about Jackie Goldscheider‘s husband to several people at his birthday party, Teresa is insisting she didn’t do so to hurt her castmate as Jackie reveals how she would have reacted if Teresa repeated the same rumor about her.

“I wasn’t trying to hurt Jackie. I’m not a vindictive person,” Teresa said on the March 10 episode of the RHONJ: After Show.

According to Teresa, she brought up the rumor at Evan’s party because it popped into her head when she saw him.

“What made me think of it is… I was looking at him [and] I was watching him,” she explained, revealing that she’d known about the rumor “since the season before.”

“But I was never around Evan before so something [clicked] in my brain. And I was drinking. I saw him and that’s what reminded me of it,” she continued. “I kept hearing it and I wanted to know from the other girls if they heard it.”

During another moment of the RHONJ: After Show, Teresa was seen reacting to Jackie joking about the rumor during the toast at his second birthday party.

“She said that? Wait! She said that at the party? Wait! She said that?” Teresa asked.

Because Jackie had been so deeply offended by the comment in the weeks prior, Teresa was confused about her castmate suddenly finding humor in the matter.

“She got mad at me for the rumor. She had another party? I didn’t know that,” Teresa noted, insisting she wasn’t aware of Evan’s second party.

In her own After Show moment, Jackie said that while she joked about the cheating rumor in her toast, the matter wasn’t something she could “laugh off” because it simply wasn’t her place to do so. She then said that if Teresa had said the same thing about her, she would have called her an “animal.”

“If Teresa had spread a rumor that I was cheating on Evan at the party, I would have confronted her, I would have said, ‘My husband knows how much I f-cking love him. You’re an animal.’ And I would have gone on the trip,” she confirmed.

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