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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHOBH Season 11 Spoilers: Sutton Stracke Reportedly Stirring Up Drama With Costars as Erika Jayne “Very Emotional” Amid Her “Heavily Covered” Divorce From Thomas Girardi

RHOBH Season 11 Spoilers: Erika Jayne "Very Emotional" Amid "Heavily Covered" Divorce From Thomas Girardi as Sutton Stracke Attempts to Nab Diamond With Drama-Causing Behavior

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 will reportedly be based around the life of Erika Jayne.

Amid her divorce from estranged husband Thomas Girardi and the mounting lawsuits against them, an insider claims Erika will be seen exposing her split on-camera while she and the rest of the cast, aside from just one woman, are pulled into plenty of drama, courtesy of Sutton Stracke.

“This season of RHOBH will heavily revolve around Erika,” a source close to the cast told Hollywood Life on March 15. “Her divorce will be heavily covered and it’ll be the main drama of the entire season. She’s not holding anything back. Whatever she can legally say, she’s saying it.”

Erika filed for divorce from Thomas in November 2020 after over two decades of marriage, and in the months since, both she and the attorney have faced allegations of embezzling settlement funds from former clients.

“You’ll see Erika crying and getting very emotional, definitely,” the insider continued.

Although the majority of the RHOBH cast has had Erika’s back amid her marital and legal drama, she has been butting heads with Sutton, who Garcelle recently revealed asked the most questions about her split.

“Everyone but Sutton has been supporting her, but Sutton has been causing drama for everyone, so it’s not surprising she’s doing the same to Erika. It’s going to be all season that this goes on. The season is all about Erika,” the source stated.

As for why Sutton has been ruffling so many feathers, the insider went on to say that she’s doing so in an effort to be given an upgraded or full-time role on season 11.

“Sutton’s causing a lot of drama with the women this season because she really wants airtime. She’s not getting along with anyone and it seems to be strictly for the cameras. The season will be all about Erika and the drama Sutton is causing because everyone else is getting along perfectly.”

According to the report, Sutton appears to be on good terms with only Garcelle Beauvais.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 will premiere this spring or summer.

Photos Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock


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