Stephanie Hollman Hints Brandi Redmond Is Leaving RHOD, Reveals Why She Defended Brandi’s Family Against “Gross” Rumors, And Explains Why She’s Not Close With Dr. Tiffany Moon, Plus Live Viewing Thread

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Stephanie Hollman Hints That Brandi Redmond Is Walking Away From RHOD, Reveals Why She Defended Brandi's Family Against "Gross" Rumors, And Explains Why She's Not Close With Dr. Tiffany Moon, Plus Live Viewing Thread

Stephanie Hollman discusses the “gross” rumors about Brandi Redmond, hints that Brandi really is leaving The Real Housewives of Dallas, and explains why she had a difficult time getting to know Dr. Tiffany Moon.

Stephanie and Brandi have been close friends for years, so when rumors appeared suggesting that Brandi’s husband, Bryan Redmond, had actually fathered their adopted son, Stephanie took to social media and insisted the gossip was “100 percent NOT TRUE.”

In a new interview, the Oklahoma native revealed that she knew about the rumors well before her friend since Brandi is no longer active on social media following her racism scandal.

“Whenever the rumors came out, I saw them before she did,” she shared on Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap series. “And I kept seeing things over, and over, and over again, and that’s one thing that really bothers me about being on a show like this. I get it, but people and accounts put rumors out that are just rumors, [and] that have no facts to them whatsoever.”

She added, “They don’t understand how harmful that can be to a family. And for me, it’s not just her and Bryan, it’s this baby. I mean, they have a little boy who one day is going to read this and wonder if it’s true or false. So, it bothers me when on other shows, people get mad when children are involved and say, ‘Leave children out!’ But on social media, it’s fair game, and it’s gross. Just leave a child out!”

When asked about Brandi’s cryptic post and her potential exit, Stephanie explained that she doesn’t want to speak for her co-star, but she hopes she’ll address it sooner rather than later.

“That’s something I really want her to address,” she said. “I will tell you that she had a hard time [and] her coming back was not an easy decision. She was invited back, and she went back and forth, and I was a little surprised that she came back to be honest. I’ve talked to her about everything she’s feeling, but as her friend, I just don’t want to – I just hope she does interviews where she can say it because I think it means more coming from her than me.”

As for her relationship with Tiffany, or lack thereof, she admitted that it’s been difficult for the newbie in the group, but she blames it on their filming schedules.

“You know, it was hard for her,” she confessed. “We’ve had new people come in before, but they’re very immersed with the group. But Tiffany, she never filmed individual scenes with everyone. So we only saw her in group scenes – which, it is impossible to get to know someone in a group setting. So every time we saw her, it was with a whole group of people.”

“Group scenes are 100 percent my least favorite to do,” she continued. “[Because] in a group scene, there’s always drama, and you know it’s expected of you, and you just don’t have those one-on-one moments to really solidify a relationship. So just myself personally, I had a hard time getting to know who she was until the Austin trip.”

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