Teresa Giudice Dishes on Ex Joe Giudice Speaking to Boyfriend Luis Ruelas and Shares How the Men are Different, Discusses Which RHONJ Costar Used S*x Toy

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Teresa Giudice Dishes on Ex Joe Giudice Speaking to Boyfriend Luis Ruelas and Shares How the Men are Different, Discusses Which RHONJ Costar Used S*x Toy

Teresa Giudice spoke about her boyfriend, Luis Ruelas, while appearing on Wednesday’s Watch What Happens Live.

After discussing her divorce from Joe Giudice on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa addressed not only her relationship with Luis but also Joe’s relationship with her new partner. Then, she explained why she made a snide comment to Jackie Goldschneider and revealed which co-star used her racy gift.

“I love him. I really feel like he’s my soulmate,” Teresa told host Andy Cohen on March 24.

While Teresa was married to Joe for 20 years, she said her relationship with Luis is quite different.

“With Louie, he’s more, very open. He gets me to open up,” she explained. “I know exactly what he’s feeling. He expresses his feelings. And because he’s so open, it makes me express my feelings to him. I like a lot of attention. So does he. So we both give each other a lot of attention, which I love. We can’t keep our hands off each other.”

Although Joe and Luis have differing personalities, Teresa revealed that they have communicated with one another, via phone, and hope to meet face-to-face soon.

“They’ve talked over the phone and Louie wanted to go to the Bahamas and meet him, which I thought that was the most amazing thing ever,” Teresa admitted. “He said he just wanted to talk with him and let him know that he’s not trying to take his place. But he wanted to meet him because I have daughters.”

According to Teresa, she feels that she and Luis will one day wed, but when it comes to their current living arrangements, she said the two of them have had “no talks” about moving in together, despite having recently purchased a $3.3 million investment property.

“I feel it. So we’ll see what happens,” Teresa said of a future wedding.

Later, during the WWHL: After Show, Teresa was questioned about her relationship with “pool guy” Anthony DeLorenzo, who she was briefly linked to in late 2019.

“We’re just really, really good friends,” she told Andy. “He dates one of my good friends that I hang out with. We’re so close of friends. I love hanging out with him because he’s so much fun. He’s like a girlfriend to me.”

Teresa then clarified her reasoning behind her d*ldo comment to Jackie.

“It’s because she told [Melissa Gorga], because I invited her to my pool party… I think Melissa must have said to her, ‘She’s extending an olive branch to you.’ And then Jackie said, ‘Well tell her to stick the olive branch up her a**.’ So that’s why I gave her the d*ldo, the nice big fat one, so she could stick that up her a**,” Teresa explained. “Here I am trying to be nice to her and then she was like a b*tch so I was like, ‘Oh really? You want to be a b*tch? I can be an even bigger b*tch.'”

Also during Wednesday’s WWHL, Teresa revealed if any of her co-stars used the s*x toys she gave them.

“[Jennifer Aydin] used it as a massage for her husband [Bill Aydin]’s back. I haven’t used that one yet. I’ve used other ones but that one’s kind of big. I figured Jackie would use that one,” she said.

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