RHONY’s Leah McSweeney Calls Out Heather Thomson and Denies Bullying Her Off Show, Addresses Calling Her a “Karen” and Seemingly Accuses Her of Sl-t-Shaming and Acting “Morally Superior”

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RHONY's Leah McSweeney Seemingly Slams Heather Thomson For Sl-t-Shaming And Acting "Morally Superior," Plus Denies Bullying Her Off The Show

Leah McSweeney took aim at Heather Thomson on her Instagram Stories after it was reported that Heather had quit filming The Real Housewives of New York City season 13 due to a messy feud between them.

After it was revealed that Heather had allegedly been left “stunned” by Leah’s “demeaning and exploitative” behavior after returning to the show last year, Leah shared a couple of since-deleted messages on her page, one of which suggested Heather had said something offensive to one of the new cast members of the show.

“I don’t like women who… Slut shame other women. Act morally superior to other women. Plastic surgery shame other women. Gossip about other women doing drugs when you know damn well they’ve done drugs also,” Leah began, according to a screenshot shared by Bravo Fan 411 on Instagram.

“And lastly I don’t like when white women who call black women ‘articulate.’ Especially while acting like the queen of wokeness,” she added, not naming anyone by name.

RHONY Leah McSweeney Accuses Heather Thomson of Slut Shaming

As RHONY fans have likely heard, Eboni K. Williams and Bershan Shaw were added to the show as the first Black cast members of the series at the end of last year.

As for the drug reference, Heather dropped a bombshell during an interview last year during which she alleged a RHONY cast member brought hard “drugs” during the cast trip to St. Barts.

While the trailer for season 13 did feature a preview of Leah and Heather’s drama, Leah insisted in a second post that she did not bully Heather off the show and added that her behavior toward Heather was fueled by the loss of her grandmother.

“This narrative that I bullied her off the show and she is a victim is so false. I typically wouldn’t say anything but it’s just so far from the truth that I must,” she wrote, as a screenshot shared by the Real Housewives Zone on Instagram revealed. “Was also dealing with losing my grandmother during that time and I reached out to her to apologize for yelling at her and calling her a Karen.”

Leah McSweeney Denies Bullying Heather Thomson Off RHONY

Also included in Leah’s now-deleted post was a message she sent to Heather on November 4 in which she attempted to reach out and make amends after their on-camera drama.

“Hey I’ve been meaning to reach out but was dealing with services for grandma etc. Let me know if [you] can talk at some point on the phone or in person,” Leah had written.

The Real Housewives of New York City season 13 premieres on May 4 at 9/8c on Bravo.