PHOTOS: RHOD Star Kameron Westcott Shows Off $7.5 Million “Dream House,” Go Inside The 9,700-Square-Foot Home And See Her Massive Island And Stunning Backyard, Plus Live Viewing Thread

by Lindsay Cronin

PHOTOS: RHOD Star Kameron Westcott Shows Off $7.5 Million "Dream House," Go Inside The 9,700-Square-Foot Home And See Her Massive Island And Stunning Backyard, Plus Live Viewing Thread

Kameron Westcott‘s husband, Court Westcott, was seen surprising her with her dream home during the March 30 episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, and ahead of tonight’s new episode, we’re taking you inside the stunning, 9,700-square-foot property.

After the couple listed their 7,400-square-foot Tuscan-style home for $5.1 million last May, Kameron set her sights on a much bigger home for her family.

“I’m very excited,” Kameron said after learning Court had bought her the home.

RHOD Kameron Westcott House Exterior

The home’s grand exterior features arched windows and doorways.

Although Kameron and Court’s new home has just five bedrooms, one less than their previous home, it has a whopping nine full bathrooms, which is three more than they had at their Highland Park residence.

RHOD Kameron Westcott Living Room

A marble fireplace can be found in the family room.

RHOD Kameron Westcott Formal Dining Room

The formal dining room is draped in purple and green printed wallpaper.

“It’s beautiful. The windows all the way to the floor are so cool,” Court said as he walked through the home during last week’s RHOD.

“I just love the natural light and it just makes me so happy,” Kameron agreed.

RHOD Kameron Westcott Dining Room

An additional eating space features views of the patio and pool areas.

RHOD Kameron Westcott Piano Room

Floor-to-ceiling windows are seen throughout the home.

In the middle of Kameron and Court‘s kitchen is a massive island.

“That’s not an island. That’s a continent,” Court joked.

“I mean, how am I going to clear all the way over there?” Kameron wondered.

RHOD Kameron Westcott Kitchen

The island is 16-feet wide and 12-feet long.

Upstairs is a master bedroom and bath.

RHOD Kameron Westcott Bedroom

The bedroom features a stunning light fixture.

RHOD Kameron Westcott Bathroom

In the bathroom are a large vanity area and a soaking tub.

The formal living room features a fireplace and a sitting area with a chandelier and plenty of that natural light Kameron was talking about.

RHOD Kameron Westcott Living Room Fireplace

In addition to all the high-end features Kameron and Court have inside their home, the couple also has a stunning pool in their backyard, which features a fountain and built-in loungers.

RHOD Kameron Westcott Pool

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