Jen Shah Allegedly Caught Saying She’d Throw RHOSLC Co-Star Mary Cosby In The Trash In Yet Another Leaked Audio Recording As Jen’s “Shrek” Comment About Heather Gay Is Also Leaked

by Emily Campbell Comments

Jen Shah Allegedly Caught Saying She'd Throw RHOSLC Co-Star Mary Cosby In The Trash In Yet Another Leaked Audio Recording As Jen's "Shrek" Comment About Heather Gay Is Also Leaked

Jen Shah has allegedly been caught bashing her co-stars once again in newly leaked audio recordings.

Jen already has plenty of explaining to do, and as she faces her Real Housewives of Salt Lake City co-stars again, she’ll certainly be asked to discuss more than just her current legal troubles.

If fans recall, the mean things Jen has said about her co-stars were brought up during the season one reunion, and Heather Gay provided one notable example when she claimed Jen had referred to her as a “manatee or Shrek” in a private message. Now, that very DM has seemingly been leaked to realityvontease2 on Instagram, and it appears Heather wasn’t the only cast member Jen bashed in the message.

“Hey white girls….stop doing white girl sh*t and STFU and take a seat next to your best friends Karen and Becky in the back row, “Jen began the exchange with an anonymous person.

“They’re fake a** white girls,” Jen wrote. “Lisa [Barlow] is the only other person I can f*ck with.”

“The rest think they’re actresses,” she continued in the conversation. “B*tch… you ain’t a f*cking actress. Unless you’re auditioning for a manatee. Or Shrek.”

However, according to one leaked audio recording, Jen didn’t stop with the weight-shaming remarks. She allegedly dissed Heather’s face as well.

“This b*tch, like, really thinks she’s a f*cking actress and sh*t,” a female voice that sounds similar to Jen’s says in the recording. “Like, why don’t you just be yourself and then people will like you authentically. B*tch, you ain’t an actress for a reason, so stop! And literally… I’m laughing so hard [because] that’s what I tell her all the time, ‘Yo, b*tch, fix your f*cking face!'”

This wasn’t the only recently leaked audio recording the Instagram account shared. Jen also had plenty to say about Mary Cosby and the green Valentino dress she wore to Meredith Marks‘ birthday party in the first episode.

“They asked me in one of my interview confessionals about Mary, and I was like, ugh, I’m sorry,” Jen can allegedly be heard saying. “Mary throws every m*therf*cking thing on. Her style, what is Mary’s fashion and style? It’s called let me throw every f*cking piece of accessory, clothing, whatever, on all at once. B*tch, that ain’t cute!”

“You’re a f*cking Christmas tree [and] I’m about to plant you in my backyard,” the voice continues. “Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, b*tch! And I ain’t even Christian; I’m Muslim, so As-Salamu Alaykum you m*therf*cking bitch! I’m about to plant you in my backyard, put some f*cking Christmas tree ornaments on you, and then, yeah, probably throw your a** in the trash when Christmas is over. Bye, Mary!”

It’s unclear when Jen will begin filming with her co-stars again, but she intends to continue on with the show following her arrest for alleged wire fraud and money laundering. Jen is currently free on a $1 million recognizance bond, but if she’s convicted on all charges, she’s facing up to 50 years in federal prison.

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