Does Denise Richards Regret Quitting RHOBH? Bravo Paycheck Revealed as Report Claims She Wants to Rejoin Show, Will She Be Asked Back?

by Emily Campbell
REPORT: Denise Richards Regrets Quitting RHOBH and Wants to Rejoin Show, Will She Be Asked Back? Plus Bravo Paycheck Revealed

Credit: Michael Simon/Startraksphoto

Denise Richards reportedly regrets her decision to quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills following season 10.

As fans well know, the Wild Things actress walked away from the series after her alleged affair with former star Brandi Glanville became the central storyline of the season. Of course, the dramatic reunion didn’t help matters as Denise’s longtime pal, Lisa Rinna, went after her hard, accusing the 50-year-old of “gaslighting” everyone.

Though Denise initially decided to leave the show “because she was burned out by all the pettiness, name-calling and infighting,” an insider recently told OK! Magazine that the star has had major second thoughts about that decision.

However, at the time, she was furious with Brandi for alleging they had hooked up shortly after she married her husband, Aaron Phypers, but she was really blown away that Lisa was “keeping the affair rumors percolating.”

“She expected Lisa to take her side,” the source said before revealing how Denise is feeling now about walking away.

“[She] realizes that was a mistake, because it was a lot of easy money,” the insider noted.

Speaking of money, Denise had agreed to a four-year, $4 million contract, making her the highest-paid housewife in the entire franchise at the time. She ultimately quit halfway through the deal — completing two seasons — but it’s unclear how much she was able to walk away with.

According to the source, Denise not only regrets the rash decision, but she would also actually love to rejoin the show despite knowing that the odds are against her.

“Word is she wants to return to the series, but it’s hard to imagine the producers would welcome her back,” the insider said.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time someone has claimed the mother-of-three wants to return as Garcelle Beauvais revealed as much during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live in June.

“I think [Denise] wants to come back! Somebody’s got to go, though!” Garcelle told host Andy Cohen on the June 30 episode.

Of course, that “somebody” Garcelle was referring to is Lisa Rinna, but Andy quickly shut down the idea, stating Lisa isn’t going anywhere if that’s what Denise is hoping for.

Following the WWHL episode, Denise took to Twitter to deny giving any ultimatums about her potential return.

“And for the record. Did not demand an ultimatum,” she tweeted after a fan said they’d love to see her make a comeback.