RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Suspects Mary Could Be Involved in “Criminal” Behavior and Admits Call With Cameron Was “Intense” as Lisa Describes Findings as “Unnerving”

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RHOSLC's Whitney Rose Suspects Mary Could Be Involved in "Criminal" Behavior and Admits Call With Cameron Was "Intense" as Lisa Describes Findings as "Unnerving"

Whitney Rose felt it was important to meet with Lisa Barlow face-to-face on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

Following the airing of the show, Whitney looked back on her cave outing with Lisa and the discussion they had in regard to a conversation she engaged in with Lisa’s friend, Cameron, in regard to the experiences he had while attending Mary Cosby‘s controversial church.

“If she’s saying that there’s this man out there saying all of these things, I just wanted to make sure that Lisa’s speaking facts,” Whitney explained on the December 20 episode of the RHOSLC: After Show. “I did not want there to be a single chance that any of the information got misinterpreted, miscommunicated, because I didn’t want this to spin out of control.”

As fans saw on RHOSLC, Whitney reached out to Cameron privately after Lisa revealed he mortgaged his home in order to give a massive donation to Mary’s church.

According to Whitney, she felt that the best way to move forward was to trust “that there is a small ounce in Lisa that can be honest and truthful and trustworthy.” And the way to go about that was to meet face-to-face with her so she could see “her reaction” to their conversation.

“What I heard from Cameron was pretty intense. I wanted to make sure that we were being told the same thing, and if a percentage of it was true, it’s a lot. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t being bamboozled,” Whitney explained.

As for Lisa, who said she was giving Whitney “yet another chance,” she was taken aback when she learned Whitney had “gone down the rabbit hole” and been “hurt” by Mary.

“There’s stuff that we read that’s headlines but she really got into it. She did a deep dive into Mary Cosby and her church. It’s unnerving, the things that she’s discovered,” Lisa admitted.  “It started to make me feel a little uneasy.”

Whitney went on to say that because she was once a loyal friend of Mary’s she never did any research on her. In fact, she avoided information about her castmate and her church even when it was brought to her.

“I wouldn’t even look at it,” Whitney noted. “And after speaking to Cameron, it was the first time that I did dive into the rabbit hole online. It was actually [Justin Rose] who started Googling it. We were like, ‘Well, who is Mary Cosby?’”

Following her chats with Cameron and Lisa and her deep dive with Justin, Whitney is concerned about potentially criminal behavior.

“Lisa and I are now in over our heads with Mary,” she added. “The allegations and rumors and accusations against Mary are so big that they could potentially be criminal. She could be in trouble. We don’t know.“

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