RHOSLC’s Whitney Rose Calls Out Lisa Barlow for Accepting Purse From Mary Cosby as Heather Gay Calls Gifts “Blood Money” and Slams Lisa’s “Dirty Deeds”

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RHOSLC's Whitney Rose Calls Out Lisa Barlow for Accepting Purse From Mary Cosby as Heather Gay Calls Gifts "Blood Money" and Slams Lisa's "Dirty Deeds"Whitney Rose is confused by Lisa Barlow‘s stance when it comes to the supposed mistreatment her friend Cameron received at Mary Cosby‘s church.

After watching as Lisa spoke of the way in which Cameron mortgaged his home to donate to Mary’s church on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City before accepting an expensive Chanel purse from her, Whitney called out her co-star’s seemingly two-faced behavior.

“That could’ve been Cameron’s money. That’s why I looked at Lisa like, ‘Are you insane?’” Whitney explained on the RHOSLC: After Show on December 5. “That’s when I was like, ‘I’m done with this because Lisa’s talking out both sides of her mouth right now and the point you were just trying to make with Cameron and the money, you just got bought off by Mary.”

Whitney was shocked that after feeling as though Lisa was going to have her back against Mary during future encounters, she learned Lisa had flip-flopped and informed Mary of everything the cast had said about the rumors surrounding her church. And after she did her middle-of-the-night meddling, seemingly in an effort to remain in the good graces of Mary, she and her castmate arrived to the room of Heather Gay, where Mary presented her with a Louis Vuitton purse.

“It was a nightmare. I would not want a blood money Chanel,” Heather admitted. “I don’t want to be bound to someone that is taking advantage of people in any sense.”

After Heather butted heads with Mary the following morning in regard to the conversation of the previous night, Mary took the bag back from her and slammed her as a liar.

“Heather woke up so angry at me, [so] I took it back,” Mary revealed, confirming she bought “all the girls gifts,” although she never presented Whitney with hers.

During another portion of the RHOSLC: After Show, the ladies reacted to Lisa’s decision to run to Mary with the details of their private conversation.

“That’s when all the dirty work started happening,” Whitney said.

And Heather agreed with Whitney’s assessment.

“The fact that the ‘let’s remedy all of this’ goes on in the middle of the night should be indication to anyone that like, people want to put sunlight on their good actions and they want to do their dirty deeds in the dark,” she noted.

Whitney went on to suspect that Lisa went to Mary because she realized she wouldn’t have Meredith Marks‘ support moving forward because Meredith was pledging allegiance to Mary.

“That’s why Lisa got up and tried to have a conversation off-camera,” Whitney explained. “It was her opportunity to manipulate and control and stir the pot so the next morning we’d all wake up in a blunder and her hands would be wiped clean because there’s no proof of it — even though Lisa started it.”

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