RHOC Alum Tamra Judge Denies Shading Shannon Beador’s Weight and Drinking, Find Out Who She Was Really Talking About as Fans Weigh in

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RHOC Alum Tamra Judge Denies Shading Shannon Beador's Weight and Drinking, Find Out Who She Was Really Talking About

Tamra Judge is shutting down claims that she shaded Shannon Beador‘s weight and drinking habits.

After leaving a comment on a post shared by Heather Dubrow of herself and Shannon on The Real Housewives of Orange County, in which she said that “alcohol will age you so fast” and that “weight gain ages you as well,” Tamra was accused of body shaming her former friend. But, according to her, the claims are “complete bullish-t.”

“This is BS. I was responding to a comment I was tagged in about my weight [and] not drinking!” Tamra wrote on her Instagram Story.

Then, along with a screenshot of that post, Tamra continued with a message on her main page.

“I was tagged in a comment about Me being thin ,aging and not drinking alcohol… it had zero to do with anyone else … I stand by what I said. Alcohol [and] weight gain will age you. If you don’t take care of your body it won’t take care of you! Shame on you guys for assuming I was talking about Shannon!” she alleged.

RHOC Tamra Judge Denies Shading Shannon Beador's Weight and Drinking

Tamra also said she wished Shannon well after a fan in her comments section shared their own thoughts on Shannon’s anger and drinking.

“I really like Shannon but feel she needs to deal with her anger and the way she handles things. I do think she uses alcohol to deal with whatever stress she is in instead of actually dealing with it. I feel if she truly learned to let go of old things that happened she can be truly happy. I want that for her and I know you did too,” the fan wrote.

“I wish her all the happiness in the world,” Tamra replied.

RHOC Tamra Judge Wishes Shannon Beador Well Amid Feud

While Tamra insisted her comment had nothing to do with Shannon, not everyone believed her, with one particular person suggesting she was being “passive-aggressive” and another person saying she purposefully made the “nasty comment.”

“Girl, you deleted your comment and back peddled majorly,” wrote a third.

RHOC Tamra Judge Shaded for Potentially Lying About Shannon Beador Weight Diss

Tamra’s initial Instagram comment wasn’t addressed to anyone in particular and because she and Heather are so close, many believed Shannon was the only person it could have been about. And, as many will recall, Tamra had previously made ill comments about Shannon’s alcohol use.

“She tends to drink and start calling people and not just me. She calls a lot of people and it doesn’t matter if it’s two, three, or four o’clock in the morning,” Tamra said on the Everything Iconic podcast in January.

That same month, while appearing on Access Hollywood‘s “Housewives Nightcap,” Tamra was asked if she believed Shannon had a drinking problem.

“Yeah, I do,” she replied. “It comes up every single season. It’s heartbreaking. I did [try to talk to her about it] and I think some of the girls on the current cast have done it as well and she doesn’t want to hear it. I talked to Braunwyn about it and Braunwyn’s like, ‘Until she admits it, she’s never going to change.’”

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