Tamra Judge Calls Out Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador’s Drinking Habits, Reveals Ex RHOC Costar She’ll Never Speak To Again, and Claims Talk About Potential Return Is “Messing With Her Head”

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Tamra Judge Claims Talk About Potential Return Is "Messing With Her Head," Reveals When Dynamic Of RHOC Changed And Shades Kelly And Shannon For Their Drinking & Phone Habits, Plus She Reveals The One Alum She Will Never Speak To Again

Tamra Judge says that all the talk surrounding her potential return to the show is “messing with her head” as she reveals when the whole dynamic of the show really changed. She also offers an update regarding a future show with Vicki Gunvalson, explains why Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador need to put their phones away when they’re drinking, and reveals the former co-star she’ll never speak to again.

Tamra has openly admitted that she was heartbroken when she left The Real Housewives of Orange County, and in a new interview, she dishes on a wide array of RHOC topics. First, considering the recent chatter about her possible return, along with some fans calling for her return, she claims all the talk and speculation has been difficult for her.

“To be honest, it’s kind of screwing with my head a little bit because it took me a certain amount of months just to say, ‘you know what, I’m over it [and] I don’t want to do this anymore,'” she shared. “I have to move forward, but it’s really hard because I’m reminded of it every single day.”

On a new episode of the Everything Iconic podcast, she reveals that if she does ever return to the show, she hopes that Shannon will still be a part of the cast so she can simply “tear into her.”

“What I would like to do is give her everything I wanted to give her for the past five years instead of protecting her and keeping my mouth shut all the time, which was my biggest mistake,” she professed. “And that’s where I’m beating myself up because I’m so authentic and kept everything so open and spoke my mind about everybody, but I just couldn’t with her.”

It’s no secret that Tamra isn’t a fan of the current RHOC cast as she’s been very vocal about her feelings, but she’s admitting that the dynamic of the show initially changed years ago when Heather Dubrow left.

“I kind of felt like since Heather [left], the show kind of went slowly [to sh*t]. Is it because of Heather, is it because of cable TV, [or] is it because the show’s been on for 15 years and people are getting over it? You know, all good things start to come to an end.”

She added, “I’ve always said that things changed, dynamics changed when Heather left [and] I’d love to see her back. I think if it were with the right cast she would [come back].”

Following her own exit from the show, she and Vicki teased their own potential spin-off, and when asked if such a show was still in the works, Tamra shared that they are currently speaking with networks.

“We had a production company reach out to us about doing a show, but it’s just been so stalled because of COVID and nobody’s picking up new stuff, [but] we actually do have an interview with a couple of networks next week.”

The conversation then shifted, and she was asked about Kelly’s controversial behavior and the comments she has made on social media. Tamra claims that’s the “real Kelly” and implies that alcohol might be to blame for some of her problematic posts.

“If you want to judge somebody on reality TV, judge them on their social media because it’s not edited. That’s their true self. I think it’s reckless to say some of the things she’s been saying on a platform and putting out that news is not very smart. I think she has an issue with drinking and then getting on her phone.”

The CUT Fitness owner has also previously alleged that Shannon has a drinking problem, and Tamra reveals that Shannon is known for her drunk dialing.

“She tends to drink and start calling people and not just me. She calls a lot of people and it doesn’t matter if it’s two, three, or four o’clock in the morning,” Tamra quipped.

As for the one former castmate Tamra says she will never speak to again, that honor goes to Gretchen Rossi. Tamra claims Gretchen is still “obsessed” with her.

“I would never talk to Gretchen. She was so obsessed with me for so many years after she left [and] constantly putting stuff on social media, doing podcasts about me, over and over, that I just blocked her from everything. She reached out to my daughter; she’s just done some really nasty things so I just had to eliminate her. She’s just obsessed.”

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