Tamra Judge Reveals Why She Was Scared of Shannon Beador and Exposes Her Hurtful Behind-the-Scenes Behavior, Plus Shades Her as LVP of RHOC

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Tamra Judge Reveals Why She Was Scared of Shannon Beador and Exposes Her Hurtful Behind-the-Scenes Behavior, Plus Shades Her as LVP of RHOC

Tamra Judge spoke out against her former friend, Shannon Beador, on her and Teddi Mellencamp‘s new podcast.

After Shannon shaded the Real Housewives of Orange County alum for continuously talking about her, Tamra fired back by explaining why she remained close with her on the show and revealing something cruel Shannon did to her amid production on a past season.

“I was a little bit afraid of her because I know what she can do,” Tamra revealed to Teddi on the December 3 episode of the Two T’s in a Pod podcast after the RHOBH cast member questioned her about their past friendship. “She set me up quite a few times. Like, she’ll say, ‘In scene, can you say, “David did this.” I did that a couple of times and then as soon as I said it, she’d go, ‘Oh my God! Why would you say that?’”

According to Tamra, the biggest mistake she made with Shanon was “protecting” her and remaining friends with her for so long.

“I should’ve just called her out and I think she stayed close to me because she knew I knew a lot and I would call her out,” she admitted.

While Shannon has claimed Tamra can’t stop talking about her, Tamra insisted that all she’s really said about the RHOC cast member is that she ditched her after she was demoted from the show in early 2020.

“After I was let go, she stopped taking my calls,” Tamra explained. “This is a girl that called me 100 times a day, woke me up in the middle of the night. I was constantly talking her off a cliff. She was a lot of work. She was a full-time job. I never really needed her. She always needed me. [But] when I left the show, I needed her.”

Looking back, Tamra said she isn’t the only friendship Shannon has abandoned.

“She literally did that to me, she did that to [Vicki Gunvalson]. She did it to Heather Dubrow too. She does it to everybody that leaves,” Tamra alleged.

“So she’s a user?” asked Teddi.

“100 percent,” Tamra agreed.

“It was a one-sided friendship,” Tamra continued. “She never really asked me about my life.”

What’s worse? Shannon actually refused to support Tamra as her husband, Eddie Judge, endured a health crisis years ago.

“Eddie was in the hospital. Producers asked her to go to the hospital and meet me. She’s like, ‘No.’ She lived down the street. She’s not into anybody’s life but her own,” Tamra revealed.

Although Tamra claims Shannon hoped to become the star of the show, she has since revealed that may not be what Bravo has in store.

“Her goal on the show was to be on the show longer than Heather Dubrow. I’m like, ‘That really smacked you in the a– because now Heather’s back and she’s center orange.’ It is literally the Heather Dubrow show,” Tamra stated. “They are really centering the show around her… They wanted to class it up.”

Tamra went on to say that Shannon’s behavior on the premiere episode of RHOC was reminiscent of that of Lisa Vanderpump.

“This is very Lisa Vanderpump… It was the intent. [Shannon] actually called [Emily Simpson] and asked her, ‘Can you dig up dirt? You’re an attorney. Find out more about this lawsuit,'” Tamra noted. “So how can she say it’s not her intent? If she was a good housewife, she would have went straight to Heather and said, ‘This is what I know.’ And on camera. [But] Shannon will never do that. Shannon has repeatedly done this. She will blatantly lie to your face.”

As for Teddi, she added, “You know you have to bring it if you’re going to stay on the show, you know sometimes you have to stir the sh-t. That being said, what bothers me the most is when there’s the Shannon or the LVP that pretend like they’re not in the mix of doing it.”

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