James Bergener Shares New Details on Marriage and Divorce Drama With Ex Noella Bergener, Clarifies How Long They Dated and Were Married as RHOC Star Reacts

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James Bergener Shares New Details on Marriage and Divorce Drama With Ex Noella Bergener, Clarifies How Long They Dated and Were Married as RHOC Star Reacts

James Bergener, the estranged husband of Noella Bergener, released a statement in regard to their messy split, which has been playing out on The Real Housewives of Orange County in recent weeks, on Wednesday.

In the lengthy statement, James, who Noella has accused of abandoning her and their son with no money and no explanation, clapped back at his ex, accusing her of twisting facts and insisting that his divorce filing in Puerto Rico was completely legal due to the fact that the two of them became legal residents of the island in January 2021.

“In our modern world, people often exploit television and social media to twist facts and influence opinions. Sadly, online public shaming can be a tool for emotional and financial leverage. Noella Bergener has used social media and television to do just that. Our goal is to provide the public with the facts related to James Bergener’s ongoing divorce from Noella Bergener,” the statement, shared via the Core Law Group, explained.

According to James’ statement, he and Noella moved to Puerto Rico in late 2020 and were granted permanent residence shortly thereafter. Although the only home the ex-couple owned was located on the island, Noella relocated back to California in May due to her role on RHOC.

As Noella pursued her reality career, James remained in Puerto Rico and informed his then-wife he did not want their son on the show because he didn’t want the child “exploited for fame and ratings.”

The statement also noted that since James’ divorce filing against Noella over the summer, a Puerto Rico judge has ruled that Puerto Rico is the appropriate jurisdiction for the proceedings. Therefore, Noella’s claims regarding their alleged “fraudulent divorce” are false.

According to the statement, James and Noella were divorced in Puerto Rico on December 8, 2021. As for their custody and financial issues, they will be addressed separately.

“Since August 1, 2021, James has repeatedly asked to see his son. He has paid substantial sums in childcare, housing, therapy, health insurance, food, other expenses for his son, and amounts that supplement Noella’s lifestyle. James feels Noella is withholding their son and using the media to get more than she is entitled. James feels extorted,” the statement continued. “James has not and will never abandon his son. He loves his son dearly. Any insinuation to the contrary is a lie. James hopes this public release speaks truth to the derogatory statements Noella continues to spread. James will not tolerate Noella exploiting their son for fame or financial leverage.”

In response to James’ claims, Noella took to her Instagram page, where she shared a screenshot of the statement and wrote, “Still recovering from his xmas post and now this. Do I itemize his lies or enjoy bath time with my son?”

RHOC Noella Bergener Responds to James Bergener Divorce Statement

Meanwhile, on James’ page, he shared a couple of screenshots from Noella’s Instagram page, the first of which featured her seemingly admitting that she and James had been living in Puerto Rico for three months.

“We both permanently moved to Puerto Rico…Don’t believe the lies…,” James wrote in the caption of the post.

Then, after a fan said they were confused and asked Noella if her son lived in Puerto Rico and her daughter lived in the States, Noella against seemed to confirm her Puerto Rico residence.

“To call it confusing is saying that least. My daughter is from my previous relationship and in an effort to support her relationship with her bio dad I make the commute,” she had written.

And, in response, James added, “Admitting our son lived with us in Puerto Rico.”

RHOC James Bergener Claims Noella Admitted to Living in Puerto Rico

Also on her Instagram Story, Noella fired back at James’ comments by resharing a reaction from a fan.

“[James] is trying to con us into believing this so he does not have to pay the taxes that he owes in California and future alimony for Noella because there is no alimony in Puerto Rico,” the person had written.

RHOC Noella Bergener Claims James is Lying About Puerto Rico

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