Raquel Leviss Says She and James Kennedy Weren’t Intimate for 2 Years Prior to Split as Vanderpump Rules Stars Explain Breakup

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Raquel Leviss Says She and James Kennedy Weren't Intimate for 2 Years Prior to Split as Vanderpump Rules Stars Explain Breakup

Raquel Leviss revealed some shocking information about her sex life with James Kennedy while discussing their split on Tuesday night’s first installment of the two-part Vanderpump Rules season nine reunion.

After shocking their castmates with the news of their breakup, which happened just before the December taping, Lisa Vanderpump wanted to know what changed between the two of them in the months since they got engaged amid a massive Coachella-themed bash.

“We haven’t been having sex for a while,” Raquel shared on the January 25 episode.

“It’s been a while,” James agreed. “Through COVID we didn’t really [have sex].”

According to Raquel, she and James hadn’t had sex “since those rage texts that James sent” in 2019.

“That was two summers ago,” Scheana Shay noted of James’ angry texts to Raquel, which slammed her as a “who-re” and a “sl-t” as she enjoyed a night with friends.

Then, when host Andy Cohen asked the couple if they also failed to be intimate during their engagement in May 2021, James confirmed sex “was like a once-a-month type of thing” during the time they were intimate.

“We’d have our moments,” he acknowledged.

“When it happened we were passionate. We were in love with each other,” Raquel added.

Raquel explained that when it came to her split from James, she’d “been thinking about for a while.”

“I think that James has noticed that my heart hasn’t been fully in it,” she explained. “I didn’t want to give up on him because he really has shown me how dedicated he is to me and the things that he’s willing to do to better himself, but I feel like it’s something deep within.”

“I’ve been having nightmares about our wedding day,” she continued. “And I think that that’s like a telltale sign that something’s wrong.”

Although James said he was heartbroken over their breakup, he applauded Raquel for putting “it out all on the table.”

“I feel like after I quit drinking, I thought that would fix it. But it didn’t quite fix it all,” he revealed. “And we’d rather just end it and pull the bandaid off before we get married and have a baby and f-cking get a divorce because that’s literally the last thing I’d want.”

The second and final half of the Vanderpump Rules season nine reunion airs tonight, Wednesday, January 26, at 9/8c on Bravo.