James Kennedy Addresses Claims His New Girl is a “Fan,” Talks Post-Split Depression and His Feelings for Lala

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Pump Rules' James Kennedy Addresses Report Claiming New Girl is a "Fan," Says He'll Likely Always Have "Something" for Lala, and Talks Post-Split Depression

James Kennedy opened up about his new leading lady during the latest episode of Lala Kent‘s podcast.

After admitting that he’s been bombarded by fans on social media who want him and Lala to rekindle their past flame following his late 2021 split from Raquel Leviss, the Vanderpump Rules cast member reacted to Scheana Shay‘s recent claim regarding the mystery woman being a “fan” of their Bravo reality show.

“I might be seeing someone kind of right now,” James first shared on the February 9 episode of Give Them Lala.

Then, after Lala told her listeners the unnamed woman was “very pretty,” James said that the two of them first met at one of Tom Sandoval‘s Most Extra shows, where he had served as the DJ.

“She was with her friends,” he recalled of the “random” encounter. “They were fans, they were in the business. And who f-cking isn’t a fan of Vanderpump Rules? [It’s] the best show! I’m not scared of fans. I don’t see the obsession with ‘don’t date a fan.’ I would date all the fans!”

Although James admitted that his new girl has seen the show, he wouldn’t say for sure if she’d be starring alongside him on the series’ potential 10th season.

“It’s still too early to say, honestly. I do like this girl, I really do. But I don’t know,” he stated. “We’ll see what happens. With this girl, obviously, I don’t want to make the same mistakes. I’ve learned a lot. I’m not just moving on and not thinking about everything I’ve gone through. With her, I’m taking my time.”

According to James, he and his mystery woman will have to decide what’s best for them when the time comes to film season 10 because he’s not going to “do something just for the f-cks of it” when it comes to bringing someone onto the show with him.

“What I do know is that I’m going to be doing me and I’m going to be f-cking enjoying myself because honestly, after Raquel left, now I don’t really have anyone to impress or please except myself,” he explained. “I am going to do me to the point of where I don’t care what anyone thinks, what anyone wants from me. No one has any control over me anymore.”

In fact, despite his new relationship, James said he is going to be “living [his] best f-cking life and making out with a bunch of girls” in 2022, and he acknowledged that he and Lala “definitely got good chemistry.” He even joked that he’s “still obsessed” with Lala, just as he was during season four, prior to his relationship with Raquel and her relationship with Randall Emmett.

“There’s always going to be something, I think,” he added.

Looking back on season nine, James said he “went through a lot” but “got through it” and has “no regrets.”

“I thought I was getting married and got engaged on the season and everything was happening. [But] from where I was, even the day of the reunion, I’m definitely in a much better place now,” he confirmed. “I’ve had a lot of time to think. I spent Christmas alone. It was a very depressing time for me.”

And while a 10th season of Pump Rules has yet to be confirmed, James said he isn’t worried.

“I know another season’s most likely going to happen. Nothing’s confirmed yet but what? We’re going to stop on nine before a decade of hits?” he asked.

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo