Teresa Giudice Explains Joe Gorga’s RHONJ Reunion Storm-Off, Says Parents “Wouldn’t Like” His Behavior, and Reveals If She’ll Take Luis’ Last Name, Plus Wedding Update

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RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Explains Joe Gorga's Reunion Storm-Off, Says Parents "Wouldn't Like" His Behavior, and Reveals She May Not Take Luis' Last Name

Teresa Giudice is speaking out about Joe Gorga‘s Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion storm-off ahead of the series’ three-part special.

While looking back at the drama she and her brother experienced at the taping, Teresa pointed out that her and Joe’s late parents wouldn’t be happy about the way he behaved before admitting to being disappointed in Joe and Melissa Gorga‘s failure to defend her relationship with fiancé Luis Ruelas.

Andy Cohen asked me a question and I gave my answer,” Teresa revealed of what prompted Joe to leave the reunion set during an interview with Us Weekly on April 27. “So, when I gave my answer, my brother’s like, ‘There you go putting me down.’ And I’m like, ‘First of all, I would never put my brother down. I love my brother.’ He’s my only sibling. I absolutely adore him. Like, he’s my baby brother [and] no matter what, I’ll always take the fall for him [because] I’m the older sister.”

According to Teresa, she’s willing to take the blame for Joe even if she doesn’t deserve it.

“I’ll take the blame. I don’t care. Blame it on me. … Andy asked me a question, I answered the question. It was my opinion and he didn’t like my answer,” she explained. “That’s just how I feel and how I felt like my answer goes the same for Luis.”

“Listen, I never wanna fight with him on TV and what he said that hurts my feelings,” Teresa continued. “It’s just very sad [and] I know my parents wouldn’t like for him to be saying that. I don’t know how he would like it if [his sons] Gino and Joey would say that to [his daughter] Antonia, like, that’s something you don’t say, but it’s OK, I don’t care. I’ll take all the bullets you want.”

Regarding the disappointment she felt over Joe and Melissa neglecting to take a stand for her and Luis as their relationship continued to face questions amid season 12, Teresa gave a nod to the couple’s friendships with Margaret Josephs and her husband, Joe Benigno.

“[Joe] and Melissa are buddy-buddy with Margaret [Josephs] and Joseph [Benigno, who] are blasting my boyfriend, you know? Like I wanted my brother and Melissa to set them straight all season long and they didn’t because that’s their friends,” Teresa shared, noting that she agreed that she wouldn’t get mad at Melissa for what Margaret said about her if Melissa agreed to do the same when it came to statements from Jennifer Aydin.

As her summer wedding quickly approaches, Teresa has not yet decided whether or not she’ll take her new husband’s last name and noted that he’s actually against the idea.

“I don’t know yet,” Teresa admitted, via Us Weekly. “He says, ‘I think you should keep your name because you know, everyone [knows you as] Teresa Giudice.’ … [But] what I have with Luis is so much different and so special. That’s why I would wanna have his name, because it’s really what I picture love to be.”

“Maybe I’ll hyphenate it,” she added.

And when it comes to their wedding being filmed, Teresa told ET, via Us Weekly, that she is opposed to airing the event on RHONJ.

“I definitely don’t want [my wedding] on Jersey Housewives, let’s just leave it at that,” she confirmed. “I know the fans have been so invested in everything. I don’t know, I have no idea. I don’t know.”

What Teresa does know is that she’s looking forward to “living a happy life” with Luis.

“We communicate [and] express our love for each other. It’s just so beautiful. … I can’t wait to go to bed at night with him, [and] like, just to even be next to him. [It’s] a different kind of love. I can’t explain it,” she gushed.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 reunion begins airing on Tuesday, May 3, at 8/7c on Bravo.