RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne Blast Sutton Stracke’s “Gold Digger” Claims Against Erika, Rinna Suggests She’d Be in the “Same Spot” Without Wealthy Husband as Sutton Responds

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RHOBH's Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne Blast Sutton Stracke's "Gold Digger" Claims Against Erika, Rinna Suggests She'd Be in the "Same Spot" Without Wealthy Husband as Sutton Responds

Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne are fighting back against Sutton Stracke after she suggested that Erika needs a man who has money on the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Following Sutton’s “gold digger” accusations, Lisa took to the comments section of an Instagram post to throw some major shade at her castmate, suggesting that it was Sutton who was the gold digger and questioning where Sutton would be without her wealthy ex-husband.

“Oh yeah that’s right Sutton worked her a— off to have the money she has,” Lisa wrote sarcastically, along with a laughing while crying emoji, via the Real Housewives Franchise on Instagram. “I guess it takes a Golddigger to know one. She’s rich honey she’s RICHHHHH!!!!! Cuz of her ex husband. And hey- more power to her -however you get your cash just own it baby.”

Understandably, the comment sparked quite the feud between the women — and Erika got in on it as well.

“Now Lisa. You know that I’ve known my ex since we were kids. Don’t be doin this,” Sutton shared in a comment of her own.

“So if he stopped paying monthly- what then? You’d be in the same spot as Erika. Don’t be startin something you can’t win,” Lisa warned.

RHOBH Lisa Rinna Calls Out Sutton Stracke as a Golddigger

Although Sutton doesn’t appear to have responded further, Lisa continued her rant against her with several more comments and a shady post on her Instagram Story.

“I hit a nerve,” she wrote in one, along with a series of laughing-while-crying emoji, via a post shared on Instagram by All About the Real Housewives.

“It’s hard when the husband makes all the money it’s hard not to feel weird about it. I get it. That’s why I’ve always hustled and made my own Money,” Lisa explained.

“Oooh [you’re] so angry. I hit a nerve,” she continued.

Lisa also said, “I thought Sutton was just too busy in her life to see this tabloid sort of stuff happening? She sure saw this now didn’t she.”

RHOBH Lisa Rinna Shades Sutton Stracke for Not Making Her Own Money

Meanwhile, in an Instagram Story post, which appears to have been deleted after it was re-shared by Queens of Bravo on Instagram, Lisa included a link to an article from Pensions & Investments in which a discrimination case against PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Co.),  the investment management company where Christian works, was explained.

In the report, it was noted that one man claimed to have experienced racism during his time with the company.

“Uh oh SpaghetttiOs,” Lisa captioned her post.

RHOBH Lisa Rinna Mentions Past Descrimination Lawsuit Amid Sutton Stracke Feud

As for Erika, she shared a couple of posts on her Instagram Story, one of which featured a screenshot of Lisa’s rant against Sutton.

“One thing I know for sure… Lisa is one honest woman and she is going to say it like it is,” Erika wrote in response to her co-star’s claims.

RHOBH Erika Jayne Declares Lisa Rinna is Honest Amid Sutton Stracke Feud

In her second post, Erika shared a video from a fan who said they didn’t understand why Sutton would have such a problem with Erika’s dating requirements.

“I am so confused, for real. Like, Sutton comes for Erika for allegedly wanting to date only guys with money. I don’t see anything wrong with that.. if that’s one of your requirements,” the person stated.

RHOBH Erika Jayne Takes on Sutton Stracke's Golddigger Claims

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