Rick Leventhal Talks Feud With Daughter Veronica After Wedding Snub and Says Kelly Dodd’s Not to Blame as RHOC Alum Slams Her as “Sick” and “Evil” and Makes Accusations

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Kelly Dodd's Husband Rick Denies She's the Reason They Weren't Invited to His Daughter Veronica's Wedding as RHOC Alum Slams Her as "Sick" and "Evil"

Rick Leventhal and Kelly Dodd are speaking out after an online report suggested the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member was responsible for his daughter, Veronica Leventhal, choosing to leave him out of her wedding.

Following a social media rumor, which claimed Rick and Veronica’s relationship had “deteriorated” and that their estrangement “has a lot to do” with Kelly, Rick responded to the accusations in an Instagram comment. Plus, Kelly took aim at Veronica, who she previously labeled a “piece of sh-t,” in a series of posts on Twitter.

“Why didn’t you go to the wedding boo? Why are you taking that man away from his kids?” a fan asked Kelly on Instagram.

“My issues with my eldest daughter go back years. This isn’t about Kelly,” Rick replied.

He then said that he is willing to repair his relationship with his daughter — if she’s willing to apologize.

“If [and] when my daughter is ready to apologize and talk to me, we will work on repairing our relationship. In the meantime she can live the rest of her life knowing she excluded me (and my wife) from her wedding. This is on my daughter, not Kelly,” Rick explained.

RHOC Rick Leventhal Explains Why He Didn't Attend Daughter Veronica's Wedding

According to a Bravo and Cocktails report, which was shared on Twitter by Bravo Obsessed, Rick and Kelly weren’t included in Veronica’s big day amid tensions between the couple and the former Fox News reporter‘s child. However, according to Kelly, it is Veronica who is at fault for their family feud.

“She has been mean to Rick for years. She got so mad she demanded he put the Hamptons house in her name. She stole from us [and] called her grand father a little b-tch yelled at Jolie and made a scene,” Kelly alleged in a May 23 tweet.

“There so much more it goes on!” she continued. “She couldn’t even help her dad move took everything and left him high and dry! A bunch of woke taker commies! Paid for NYU said that’s just financial. Everyone at Fox is like what’s wrong with her. She is evil ask my kid!”

In a third Twitter message, the former RHOC cast member slammed Veronica for leaving her dad out of her wedding and labeled her a “narcissistic spoiled brat.”

“If you want to know more you can ask me yourself!! Who doesn’t invite their own dad to their wedding?” Kelly wondered. “Everyone knows she’s a narcissistic spoiled brat! Jolie and my friends hate her. Ricks friends hate her as well!! Always two sides to a story!”