RHOA Star Kandi Burruss Wants “Hate Train” Against Her to Stop, Suspects Marlo Hampton Setup as Kenya Suggests Marlo is a Poor Example for Young Girls

by Lindsay Cronin
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Kandi Burruss Responds to RHOA's "Hate Train" and Suspects Marlo Hampton Setup as Kenya Suggests Marlo is a Poor Example for Young Girls

Kandi Burruss is over the “hate train” that has been targeting her on recent episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

On Twitter, amid Sunday night’s new episode of the show, which featured Marlo Hampton calling out Kandi for failing to support Sheree Whitfield amid her boy drama with Tyrone Gilliams and suggesting Kenya Moore had faked an illness, Kandi threw some shade back at Marlo as Kenya suggested their co-star was illiterate and creating drama to keep her peach.

The [Kandi Burruss] hate train has to be stopped ASAP. Like where did it even come from???” a fan asked on June 19.

“Please make it stop!” Kandi agreed.

RHOA Kandi Burruss Responds to Hate Train

Another fan pointed out that just as Kandi was discussing what she could donate to Marlo’s charity, Marlo was trash-talking her, saying that she didn’t want her hand-me-downs for her organization.


“A whole mess,” Kandi replied.

RHOA Kandi Burruss Shades Marlo Hampton as a Whole Mess

Kandi also offered a reaction to a fan who suspected Marlo had only turned down Kandi’s hand-me-downs because she wanted her to show up empty-handed and look like she does nothing for their community.

After what we saw recently I feel like she didnt take the clothes so she could turn around and say [Kandi Burruss] don’t help anyone,” the fan offered.

“Right,” Kandi responded.

RHOA Kandi Burruss Suggests Marlo Hampton Set Her Up

Meanwhile, on Kenya’s page, she responded to a fan who said that Marlo had to bring up Kenya’s messy wig because “Kenya was hitting her with facts about being a fake a– friend.”

“When you can’t read you insult to deflect,” Kenya explained.

RHOA Kenya Moore Shades Marlo for Being Illiterate

Then, when a second fan gave a nod to Kenya’s past reconciliation with Marlo, Kenya agreed that her RHOA castmate seems to be causing drama to retain her peach.

“It’s the fact that it felt so good to watch Marlo and Kenya patch up last season, only for Marlo to toss that friendship away this season just so she could force some “moments” in an attempt to cement that undeserving peach. Truly pitiful. Never again, Kenya!!” the fan had written.

“#Facts,” Kenya replied.

RHOA Kenya Moore Suspects Marlo is Causing Drama to Keep Her Peach

Kenya also shaded Marlo with a retweet from someone who felt that Marlo was the last person young girls should be looking up to.

“Marlo is the last female an impressionable young girl should be exposed to she represents all the wrong & negative traits that we don’t want instilled in the youth. Shallow, fake, toxic & superficial. Make-up & clothes don’t instill confidence, education, morals, charity do,” the message read.

RHOA Kenya Moore Shades Marlo as Shallow and Toxic With Re-Tweet

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