Attorney’s Wife Leaks Nasty Private Messages From Erika Jayne as Ronald Richards Calls on Andy Cohen to Take Action Against RHOBH Star

by Lindsay Cronin
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Attorney's Wife Leaks Nasty Private Messages From Erika Jayne as Ronald Richards Calls on Andy Cohen to Take Action Against RHOBH Star

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Erika Jayne prompted a feud with attorney Ronald Richards and his wife, Lauren Boyette-Richards, on Instagram over the weekend.

As Ronald continues to offer updates on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member’s ongoing legal drama with estranged husband Thomas Girardi on his social media pages, Erika was seen responding to Lauren with a nasty comment about her “beast” of a husband.

“Lauren, get back on all fours and take it in the a– from that beast you’re married to,” Erika wrote in a comment, which has since been shared, via screenshot, by All About the Real Housewives on Instagram.

The Bravo fan page also revealed Ronald’s response to the diss and confirmed that Erika clapped back.

“It’s really disappointing when your spouse, who has nothing to do with our cases, gets verbally attacked by an older woman who is upset at her own mess receipt or misappropriated trust account funds. [Erika Jayne] is this really necessary?” Ronald asked.

“Shut up. She inserted herself. B-tch a–. This ain’t my first rodeo,” Erika replied.

RHOBH Erika Jayne Writes Nasty Message to Ronald Richards' Wife and Slams Him as a Beast

As the back and forth continued, Lauren leaked a series of private messages sent between her and Erika.

“Lame, like you. Stay out of this. You look dehydrated,” Erika wrote in one message.

“Good luck Lauren, he’s going to turn on you. Be careful,” she warned in another.

Erika also told Lauren to “free herself” and “find a new life” before Ronald turns on her.

“I’m not being mean. Protect yourself and your kids,” she continued.

“What makes you think he would ‘turn on me?’ He’s nothing like Tom,” Lauren replied.

But Erika was persistent, telling Ronald’s wife that the attorney “is Tom” as Lauren requested “receipts.”

RHOBH Erika Jayne Warns Ronald Richards Wife That He'll Turn on Her

Although Erika suggested that Lauren had reason to worry about her spouse, she doesn’t seem to have come through with any receipts for her. And along with a screenshot of their messages on Sunday on Twitter, Lauren wished Erika a “happy birthday,” and asked, “Did you get those receipts?”

Amid the drama, Ronald took to his own Twitter page, where he asked Andy Cohen if he has any limits for his cast members.

“Why would someone attack my spouse then pretend they are concerned? [Andy Cohen] is there any limits as to your cast members making up lies upon lies to third parties?” he asked. “[Erika Jayne] is a tax fraud and the #1 beneficiary of the largest client theft in CA history. We will keep exposing EJ!”

He also added, “Yes she knew about the tax [fraud] because she signed the returns and litigated the audit. Get your head in the game and the facts.”

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