RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield Accuses Tyrone Gilliams of Leaking Stories, Recounts “Sneaky” Behavior Before Split and Claims “He Definitely Wants Fame,” Plus Live Viewing

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RHOA's Sheree Whitfield Accuses Tyrone Gilliams of Leaking Stories, Recounts "Sneaky" Behavior Before Split and Claims "He Definitely Wants Fame," Plus Live Viewing

Sheree Whitfield was seen suffering a meltdown over Tyrone Gilliams on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta as she said she felt stupid and used by her boyfriend of the time.

While looking back at her former partner’s “sneaky” behavior, which he exhibited immediately after being released from prison, Sheree revealed her former beau not only failed to own up to what she thought he could be post-prison, but actually leaked stories about her in an effort to gain fame and fortune.

“I definitely think it was him,” Sheree admitted on the July 10 episode of the RHOA: After Show.

According to Sheree, she met Tyrone at an airport in Atlanta after his prison release and ventured to Philadelphia with him in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have on masks, he had on a hood… [But] someone ends up taking a picture of us at the airport, and it leaked maybe a day or two after we arrived in Phili,” Sheree recalled.

Although Sheree didn’t think a whole lot of the incident at the time, she said Tyrone later asked, “Hey, do you have any Who Gonna Check Me Boo sweatshirts?”

“I was like, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘Well, I wanna wear it when you pick me up so the paparazzi can see,’” she revealed, noting that she assumed Tyrone was planning to call the paparazzi himself.

At that point, Sheree made it clear to Tyrone that she was unconcerned with the paparazzi seeing the two of them together and told him that she didn’t want any press in their relationship. But he didn’t listen. And, after being followed by a cameraman during one of their nights out in Philadelphia, she came across a headline that read, “Sheree and Boyfriend Tyrone.”

“Now first of all, they can say Sheree because people do recognize me with my mask, but they don’t recognize him. It could’ve been anybody,” Sheree pointed out of the moment she began to realize that Tyrone was leaking information.

“That’s how I first found out that he was leaking things. And then he ended up being very sneaky when I was there. He kept going out of the room, talking on the phone, so then when I let him know I was leaving the next day, he was like, he kept saying, ‘Babe, we need a picture, just me and you,’” Sheree continued. “He kept saying that, and I never took a picture with him, and I didn’t realize it, they needed a picture because he was trying to sell a story, and the first picture that I said when I first got in, the guy was videotaping us, I had the mask on the entire time, so the guy said, ’They need Sheree without a mask.’”

Looking back on her now-ex-boyfriend’s behavior, Sheree said that even if Tyrone was in need of money, he couldn’t have been getting much.

“You’re doing it for crumbs,” she stated.

She then suspected that what her ex was truly after was fame.

“He definitely wants fame. He’s been trying to get fame for a very long time, and some people want fame more than money,” she noted.

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