Kathy Hilton Responds to Criticism Over Sending Paris Hilton to Boarding School, Plus RHOBH Star Accidentally Leaks Phone Number on Twitter as Fans React

by Lindsay Cronin
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 Kathy Hilton Responds to Criticism Over Daughter Paris Hilton’s Abuse Documentary, Plus RHOBH Star Accidentally Leaks Phone Number on Twitter

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Kathy Hilton was confronted by a fan who mentioned the abuse her daughter, Paris Hilton, allegedly sustained at a boarding school on Instagram over the weekend.

Months after revealing on SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live that the Paris’ documentary, where she shared news of the apparent abuse, “put [her] into such a depression,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member responded to the fan, admitting that she and husband Rick Hilton were “very scared” and “trying to save” Paris before sending her to the school.

“I did not like you, especially after Paris’ special about where she was sent, but you seem like good people now,” the person write.

“Thank you,” Kathy replied. “We were very scared. We love our daughter and we’re trying to save her.”

RHOBH Kathy Hilton Reacts to Paris Hilton Abuse Documentary

Also on social media over the weekend, Kathy accidentally tweeted her phone number while trying to inquire about a dog she came across on the Tea Cup Tails website.

“Please call me about Mila at [phone number],” Kathy tweeted on July 23, via Reddit.

Then, after a fan tweeted back to Kathy, writing, “OMG KATHY NOOO,” Kathy realized what she had done. Unfortunately, she didn’t know how to undo it and proceeded to ask, “How do I delete?”

RHOBH Kathy Hilton Accidentally Tweets Phone Number

After the screenshot was shared on Reddit, a number of Real Housewives fans reacted to Kathy’s social media snafu.

“Of course in true Hilton fashion she was trying to buy a handbag Chihuahua,” one person wrote.

“She’s been doing this stuff on social media for years. People are multi faceted and smart in some ways, dumb in other ways,” noted a second fan.

Others suspected that Kathy’s negligence was intentional, with one Redditor saying, “I just don’t buy this act.”

But some else pointed out that there was no good reason why Kathy would purposefully share her phone number.

“I don’t understand how people are saying her not knowing how to use technology is an act when she literally posted her personal phone number on Twitter…why would she do that on purpose?” they asked.

“I understand the kooky thing is calculated; But I think [there] is some truth in her actually being eccentric and a bit out to lunch,” another agreed.

While Kathy surely had her hands full after giving her number out on Twitter, a few lucky fans, who captured the RHOBH friend’s phone number, got to talk to her after giving the line a ring.

“A few folks on Twitter said she picked up some calls. Lol,” a Reddit user confirmed.

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