REPORT: RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga Accused of Cheating on Husband Joe as Source Reveals Who Started Rumor and How Teresa is Linked to Drama, Plus Has Teresa Spoken to Gorgas?

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 REPORT: RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga Accused of Cheating on Husband Joe as Source Reveals Who Started Rumor and How Teresa is Linked to Drama, Plus Has Teresa Spoken to Gorgas?

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Melissa Gorga was accused of cheating on husband Joe Gorga amid production on the upcoming 13th season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and ultimately, the false rumor led to their estrangement from Teresa Giudice, as well as their absence at her August 6 wedding. But who started the rumor to begin with?

Days after the couple infamously skipped Teresa and Luis Ruelas‘ big day, opting to instead spend time with Melissa’s family at the Jersey Shore, a couple of new reports are sharing new details about the cheating rumor and the events that took place after it was revealed.

“It all started when [Margaret Josephs] and her former BFF [Laura Marasca Jensen] had a fall out,” an insider told All About the Real Housewives. “Laura was upset with Margaret so she asked to meet up with Jennifer Aydin and let Jennifer know that Margaret isn’t so innocent off camera. Laura revealed that Margaret told her that Melissa Gorga allegedly cheated on Joe Gorga by making out with a man named Nick Barotta and that she saw it.”

Although Margaret reportedly told her BFF Laura in confidence prior to their falling out, Jennifer quickly passed the information on to Teresa. And while Teresa allegedly didn’t believe the report, she and Luis confronted Joe with the details off-camera.

“Teresa never was going to bring it up on camera but she wanted Joe to know this is what Margaret had said,” the insider explained. “Fast forward to filming – every one makes peace and this rumor doesn’t come out. Margaret is aware this information is out there and she goes after Jennifer Aydin yet again. This time calling her a drug addict. That’s when Jennifer tells newest housewife Danielle Cabral what Margaret has said about Melissa.”

At that point, Danielle brought the information to Melissa, noting Laura as the source. Then, days later, while filming the RHONJ season 13 finale, “Melissa blamed Teresa for the entire thing.”

“[Luis] was upset that Teresa was the one being blamed and Joe Gorga ends up charging at [Luis] to the point that he had to be restrained. The next day they make the announcement that they [were] not coming to the wedding via Page Six,” the insider added.

Days after the wedding, the dust still hasn’t settled and new details continue to be revealed.

“Joe and Melissa made a last-minute decision to not attend Teresa’s wedding after a blowout fight,” an insider told Us Weekly on August 8. Teresa “was part of this fight” and “continues to attack Melissa, and Joe isn’t standing for it anymore.”

“Teresa may not forgive Joe after this and vice versa,” the source added.

According to the report, Melissa was “blindsided” by the rumor, leading to things escalating and getting “out of control.”

While Melissa attended Teresa’s bridal shower on July 30, she wasn’t present for her bachelorette party on August 4. And moving forward, she and Joe are “not going to fake their relationship” with Teresa.

“Teresa was given a day’s notice about them not attending, so it wasn’t like she was blindsided the day of,” the insider shared. “She moved on with her wedding and didn’t let it ruin her happy day.”

Meanwhile, the insider continued, “Teresa, and Melissa and Joe haven’t spoken” since the altercation.

“The Gorgas felt they made the right decision. They just want to be at peace with Teresa,” the insider explained. “She said a lot of hurtful things about their marriage. At this point, their relationship is not repairable, but never say never.”

For now, Joe and Melissa have decided to “take some space” from his sister.