RHOBH’s Lisa Vanderpump Slams ‘Vile’ and “Disgusting” Teddi Mellencamp For Falsely Claiming LVP Had “No Relationship” With Late Brother as Tamra Judge Reacts

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RHOBH's Lisa Vanderpump Slams "Vile" and "Disgusting" Teddi Mellencamp For Falsely Claiming LVP Had No Relationship With Late Brother as Tamra Judge Reacts

Lisa Vanderpump isn’t happy about Teddi Mellencamp‘s suggestion that she had no relationship with her late brother, Mark Vanderpump, who died by suicide in 2018.

In a series of posts shared to her Twitter page, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum slammed Teddi as “vile” and “disgusting” for claims she made about Mark while discussing Lisa Rinna‘s grief-prompted aggressions with Tamra Judge on a recent episode of their podcast, Two T’s in a Pod.

“Do you think that [Rinna] gets a hall pass because she’s going through all this stuff and she can be mean all she wants? I know she’s going through grief and I know it’s hard,” Tamra asked, via a snippet shared on Twitter by Love Andy C.

And in response, Teddi pointed to Rinna’s “extremely strong” relationship with mother Lois Rinna, who died in November 2021 after suffering a stroke, while giving a nod to the backlash she and her former co-stars received for failing to give grace to Vanderpump after Mark’s passing, despite the fact that Vanderpump allegedly had “no relationship with him.”

“We had never even known she had a brother, she had no relationship with him and didn’t speak to him, [and] we got killed for not giving her grace,” Teddi recalled.

“I did not [give Vanderpump grace] because I was like, ‘You’ve never spoken about him. You said you don’t have a relationship with him and now this is our reason why you tried to get Dorit in trouble for the dog… That’s why you’re doing this bad behavior?’ I didn’t understand it,” Teddi admitted.

After the clip began circulating on Twitter, a fan reacted to Teddi’s comment, shading Teddi for making excuses for her and the RHOBH cast’s “horrible” treatment of Vanderpump following her loss.

“Teddi makes no sense as usual. So, they didn’t know she had a brother, but they know she didn’t have a relationship with him. [Mean girls] just can’t stop with the excuses of their horrible behavior towards [Lisa Vanderpump],” the person wrote.

“How dare she?” Vanderpump replied. “I’ve put up with her lies for long enough..ugh don’t even know her Twitter handle. Please share to her.”

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Calls Out Teddi for Suggesting She Had No Relationship With Late Brother

Another person had harsh words for Teddi, writing, “[Teddi Mellencamp] wow how truly vile are you. Seriously you need to reflect on what you said about [Lisa Vanderpump] and her brother.”

And Vanderpump agreed.

“Keep my brothers name out of your mouth,” Vanderpump advised.

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Tells Teddi to Keep Brother's Name Out of Mouth

“How disgusting is [Teddi Mellencamp]!!! Way to get to the lowest point. You really are classless and gross,” said a third fan.

“I agree…ugh disgusting,” Vanderpump wrote.

As fans continued to react to Teddi’s comments, one person shared a telling clip in which Teddi was seen speaking to Vanderpump about her brother and the heartache she endured after his death.

“She knew all about LVP’s brother. She needs to apologize,” someone wrote in response to the clip, which accused Teddi of being a “pathological liar.”

“Yes…this was on Pump Rules…before Housewives started,” Vanderpump revealed. “Anyway let’s put it to bed…it is what it is..unfortunately.”

In another post, Vanderpump tweeted, “Ok let’s move on…I said what I had to say… No viciousness please…”

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Says 'No Viciousnss' Amid Teddi Mellencamp Feud

Amid the drama, Teddi’s podcast co-host spoke out, making it clear that she has compassion for Vanderpump and wasn’t trying to hurt her with their discussion.

“I don’t know the backstory of what happened during that season of [RHOBH], I was just stating I remember the passing of her brother. I love you [Lisa Vanderpump] and am sorry for your loss,” Tamra shared.

RHOC Tamra Judge Says She Loves LVP Amid Teddi Mellencamp Feud

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