RHOBH Star Diana Jenkins Threatens Legal Action Against Media Outlets, Demands Retractions of ‘False Claims,’ Plus Suspended Twitter Account is an Imposter?

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RHOBH's Diana Jenkins Accuses Media Outlets of Defamation, Demands Retractions of False Claims, and Threatens Legal Action Amid Bot Rumors, Plus Was Twitter Really Suspended?

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Diana Jenkins has just sent off a series of cease and desist letters to several journalists, bloggers, and social media personalities in regard to what she describes as “false and defamatory statements.” And she is revealing which media outlets got a legal warning in a new post.

Following a slew of unconfirmed rumors suggesting the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member may have been a ‘Madam,’ and also behind the hiring of the apparent bots who’ve harassed Garcelle Beauvais‘ 14-year-old son Jax Nilon with “harmful rhetoric” and racist comments, Diana, who has vehemently denied the claims, is threatening legal action. She’s accusing several media outlets of damaging her reputation.

In one particular letter to Enty Lawyer on Instagram, Diana’s attorney, J. Erik Connolly, of Chicago’s Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP, instructed the page’s owner to immediately remove all posts and issue a public apology to her.

He also accused the outlet of creating “fictionalized allegations of sex trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, child molestation, and financial crimes” against Diana on his blog, social media accounts, and on his podcast. In addition, the unnamed man shared a photograph of Jeffrey Epstein with a blonde woman he incorrectly identified as Diana.

“I write to demand that you immediately remove these false and defamatory statements and issue notices acknowledging that you had no factual basis for any of the statements and implications made about Ms. Jenkins. Your continued publication of these statements, both on your own websites and social media accounts and in connection with other media outlets, will be met with immediate legal action by Ms. Jenkins,” the attorney wrote.

“Beyond the obvious legal issues, what you have done to Ms. Jenkins is simply wrong. She is a mother, a philanthropist, and an entrepreneur. Her philanthropic endeavors are well known and have generated millions of dollars in assistance for victims of human rights violations, natural disasters, wars and health epidemics. To characterize Ms. Jenkins as a prostitute, sex trafficker, and criminal is not just factually inaccurate, but sexist,” he added.

Also in the cease and desist to Enty Lawyer, it was noted that Diana and her companies reserve “their right to pursue legal claims against you, including claims for defamation, disparagement, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and tortious interference.”

Other outlets also received letters, including Gawker, Jezebel, Heavy, and the South China Morning Post, as did the creators of the Sexy Unique Podcast podcast, Sharrell’s World’s YouTube channel, and former RHOBH cast member Dana Wilkey, who hosts the Dishing Drama With Dana Wilkey podcast.

“For too long, irresponsible journalists, bloggers and social media commentators have spread hurtful lies about me without consequences,” Diana said in a statement of her own. “I will no longer sit back and allow them to smear my name with impunity. I have instructed my lawyers to take whatever action is necessary to remove these false statements and to pursue justice from those who have been spreading lies about me.”

In sending out the cease and desists, Diana is hoping to restore her reputation and force those who have defamed her to admit to wrongdoing.

As for the swirling rumors claiming Diana’s Twitter account was recently suspended, the RHOBH star’s rep confirmed to Heavy earlier this week that she hasn’t been on Twitter for “years,” suggesting the suspended account is an imposter.

“Diana’s team is working on taking down fake accounts that purport to be her. That account is one of them. Diana hasn’t posted on Twitter in years. When she does, it will come from a verified account,” the rep confirmed.

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