RHOC Alum Kelly Dodd Leaks Alleged Texts From Ex Michael Dodd, Accuses Him of “Abusive Behavior” and Claims He Left Daughter “On the Streets”

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RHOC Alum Kelly Dodd Leaks Alleged Texts From Ex Michael, Accuses Him of Abusing Her and Rick and Claims He Left Daughter Jolie "On the Streets"

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Kelly Dodd took to her Instagram page on Monday night to put her ex-husband, Michael Dodd, on blast.

Along with a series of leaked text messages, in which the Real Housewives of Orange County alum accused her former spouse of leaving their 16-year-old daughter, Jolie, “on the streets,” Kelly suggested Michael was guilty of not only abusing her but also her husband, Rick Leventhal.

“My ex-husband is a real winner!! HERE IS THE EVIDENCE!!! Doesn’t care about his own kid!!” Kelly began in her Instagram post, saying she’s “tired of his abusive behavior to me and Rick!!”

“Going to make this stop!! We are not going to be abused anymore,” she went on, encouraging her fans and followers to listen to her and Rick’s next episode of their YouTube series, The Rick and Kelly Show.

Then, in a series of leaked texts, Michael was reportedly seen calling Kelly a “f-cking stupid b-tch,” asking, “What kind of mom are you,” shading her as a “f-cking stupid piece of sh-t,” and slamming her as a “wh-re.”

“She’s on the streets … I told you I was leaving … blocking you,” Kelly wrote in response.

RHOC Kelly Dodd Leaks Abusive Text Messages From Ex Michael

According to Kelly, she had previously had a discussion with Michael in which she confirmed she and Rick were going out of town.

“Just letting you know I have to be in the desert tomorrow and [Tuesday] will be back [Wednesday] … Jolie will be with you … If that’s ok,” she wrote.

But after a brief chat about the possibility of Jolie potentially going to college in London, things became heated between them.

“I gave you the courtesy to let you know I’m out of town. You couldn’t give me the same courtesy? What the f-ck is wrong with you?” Kelly asked in a message.

RHOC Kelly Dodd's Leaked Texts From Ex Michael

Kelly also discussed the matter in the comments section of her post after receiving messages from her online audience.

“Get a restraining order and keep all evidence. That will shut him up. That’s what I had to do. Sorry you’re going through this,” one person said.

“I’m sick of it I kept him quiet for a long time sick of it I’m putting them on blast now,” Kelly replied.

RHOC Kelly Dodd Responds to Fan Telling Her to Get Restraining Order Against Michael

Another person was more critical, saying, “Ya have the same problem.. as well as a million other women.. but why post it? Grow up already. Keep yo sh-t private… For the kids sake!”

But, as Kelly explained, she’s grown tired of Michael’s alleged antics.

“I’ve been dealing with this sh-t for 10 years sick of it now,” she reasoned.

RHOC Kelly Dodd Reacts to Fan Telling Her to Keep Michael Drama Private

Kelly also responded to a fan who said they didn’t understand what she meant by Jolie being “on the streets.”

“I clearly stated that I was out of town,” she replied. “He said great I have her it’s his week. She’s not allowed at her and at his house because the step mommy whatever the f-ck she is. Joy doesn’t want to stay with her so basically she’s on the streets because she’s not being facilitated.”

RHOC Kelly Dodd Explains Saying Daughter Jolie is on the Streets

Although Kelly didn’t mention the name of Michael’s significant other, he was most recently linked to Laura White, who the former RHOC cast member praised as an “amazing step mom to Jolie” in March of last year.