Lisa Rinna Reveals Her “One” and “Only” RHOBH Regret and Faces Criticism From Fans: ‘What About Denise?’

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Lisa Rinna Reveals Her "One" and "Only" RHOBH Regret and Faces Criticism From Fans: 'What About Denise?'

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Apparently, Lisa Rinna does have one regret from all of her eight seasons on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

On Friday, the Bravo star took to her Instagram Stories to share what she wishes she could take back out of all of her controversial actions on the show.

“Someone just asked me if I have any regrets from the last 8 years on the show: Only one,” wrote Lisa on November 11.

She continued, “Yolanda. I would change that. That was very wrong. On all levels. That never should have happened.

Lisa, however, made it clear that she wouldn’t change any of her other actions.

“Everything else I own and would prob not change,” she added.

Lisa Rinna reveals RHOBH regret

If RHOBH fans recall, Lisa accused Yolanda Hadid, who suffered from Lyme disease, of faking it and claimed Yolanda might be suffering from Munchausen disease.

Recently, Yolanda revealed the way Lisa treated her on the series as one of the main reasons she would never return to the show.

“Those things were very hurtful, and not just hurtful to me but hurtful to my children and my family who loves me,” Yolanda told ET Online last month. “And they knew I was fighting for my life. So, from that perspective, it wasn’t a good experience for me. And, you know, that was the taste I was left with.”

After Lisa’s post was shared by Queens of Bravo on Twitter, she was faced with backlash from fans who mostly questioned if her regret was sincere. Another viewer appeared stunned that Lisa had no regrets about the way she treated her friend Denise Richards.

“Every season she gets irrationally mad about something that has nothing to do w her. Yolanda, Denise, puppygate, Congagate… make it make sense,” tweeted a fan, seemingly not buying Lisa’s remorse.

“She regret that cuz Gigi and Bella are super famous and she burned that bridge,” wrote someone else.

“Coincidence that yolandas daughters are influential in modeling and rinna likes to pretend her kids are models?” another Twitter user pondered.”

“What about what she did to Denise. They had been friends for years. And her just threw it away for a storyline that backfired on her. She’s not a girl’s girl. Makes me sick,” opined a fourth person.

Another Twitter user threw some shade by stating: “Lisa no one cares you’re not getting that diamond.” They appeared to reference some recent rumors about Lisa possibly being fired by Bravo ahead of next season.

One fan did defend the Bravo star, stating that while Lisa’s “delivery SUCKED,” she “wasn’t wrong” on most things.

“If people would objectively look at everything Lisa said over the years, was she wrong? Her delivery SUCKED. But she really wasn’t wrong on the majority of things. The Yolanda & Munchausen thing, she should have gone to Yolanda. But the rest? Not really wrong. Just handled wrong,” the fan wrote.

Lisa, who was booed by fans at BravoCon last month, is rumored to be on the chopping block ahead of next season.