REPORT: Lisa Rinna on RHOBH Chopping Block Amid Kathy Hilton Drama and Backlash From Fans

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REPORT: Lisa Rinna on RHOBH Chopping Block Amid Kathy Hilton Drama and Backlash From Fans

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Could fans have seen the last of Lisa Rinna on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

According to a just-released magazine report, which comes just weeks after Lisa was booed by fans at BravoCon and features the title, “Lisa Rinna: Fired by Bravo?,” both fans and execs alike are “clamoring for the housewife’s departure” after season 12.

“Nobody would be sorry to see Lisa go,” a friend told Star magazine. “She’s obviously imploding and could use some time off.”

In recent weeks, Lisa has faced tons of backlash from fans who have grown outraged at not only her antics against Kathy Hilton, which include claims of threatening her sister Kyle Richards and her family, but also her behavior on social media. Even Andy Cohen called her out for her ongoing messiness on Instagram, shading her as a “double disaster.”

Meanwhile, amid criticism from her former fans and castmates, Lisa has maintained a positive outlook on her future with Bravo, recently saying, “Whatever is meant to be, will be. And that’s how I always look at things.”

She’s also owned up to being her “own worst enemy,” and she admitted she should have sought therapy after the devastating passing of her mother, Lois Rinna.

“I would recommend going to a therapist and unpacking your feelings with your therapist. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing what I did,” Lisa said on an RHOBH panel at BravoCon.

While Lisa has been featured in a full-time position on the show since season five, the Star insider said Andy didn’t want her on the show at first, noting that he wanted “people who were rich,” not actresses. However, after Lisa was added to the cast, she became a “best friend to everybody.”

“Other ladies were drama queens, but not Lisa,” the source explained of Lisa’s early years on the series. “[But] she obviously learned that being such a pot-stirrer meant she would get more camera time and better storylines. She felt it gave her an edge to say what’s on her mind, and of course the producers loved the drama it caused.”

The insider went on to say that if Lisa is ultimately axed from RHOBH, she’ll likely pass it off as a “mutual decision” with the network.

“She could easily turn it around and say she quit because the show was toxic and not good for her mental health. [But] she doesn’t intend to let them have the last say,” the source noted. “Lisa admits she wasn’t herself this season. Her mom had passed away and she vented her grief at her costars, which she knows isn’t healthy.”