Ciara Miller and Amanda Batula Explain Why There’s No Winter House Reunion, Where They Stand With Austen and Lindsay, and Tease Summer House Season 7

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Ciara Miller and Amanda Batula Explain Why There's No Winter House Reunion, Where They Stand With Austen and Lindsay, and Tease Summer House Season 7

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Ciara Miller and Amanda Batula are speaking out about not having a reunion special for the new seasons of Winter House.

On the heels of last week’s finale, the ladies opened up about the complicated filming schedules with the two shows while also sharing where they stand with Lindsay Hubbard, reacting to the many love triangles of Southern Charm star Austen Kroll, and teasing the upcoming seventh season of Summer House.

“It does become confusing, two shows, trying not to spill the beans on what happens,” Ciara told Entertainment Tonight on December 19. “There’s things that you can’t talk about just yet, but definitely play into your feelings in this particular show. It’s hard to sometimes keep the stories straight.”

Because Summer House was filmed before Winter House began airing, the storylines of the two series “all [bleed] together,” as Ciara explained.

“It’s almost like our Summer House reunion is, like, Winter House and Summer House combined,” Amanda added.

Although Lindsay and her now-fiancé, Carl Radke, weren’t featured on the entire second season of Winter House, they were involved in plenty of drama after Lindsay’s interaction with Austen at Amanda and Kyle Cooke’s wedding was pulled into question.

As fans know, Ciara was involved in her own love triangle with Austen and Lindsay during a previous season. And because that season was airing when Winter House was filmed, she admittedly felt “a lot of tension” with Lindsay. Still, when asked if the ladies of the series “hate” Lindsay, Ciara denied any such thing.

“I don’t feel like we hate Lindsay,” Ciara said of herself and Amanda. “[But] it was definitely a tough time. Prior to them even getting there, pretty much the whole house was like, ‘How is this going to go?’ It was definitely different.”

As for Lindsay’s alleged love triangle with Austen, who she allegedly made a move on at the wedding (after she and Carl proclaimed their feelings for one another), she and Carl have insisted they didn’t make things official until weeks later. And when it comes to Amanda informing Lindsay of the timeline speculation among the group, Amanda insisted she “was not setting her up.”

“It made me truly uncomfortable that we’re all talking about them — and especially Carl — like that would have been really crappy if he would have watched it back and been like, ‘Oh wow, no one said anything to me,'” she explained of her decision to fill her in.

“It’s one of those situations where you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t,” Ciara noted. “It’s all on record, and it’s not like we were actually hiding it from her. Like, obviously she’s going to find out. So, someone says it to her face, or she watches it back in eight months and then she finds out then.”

Amanda also went to Austen to get his side of the story. But when confronted, Austen attempted to backtrack, which she and Ciara said was “classic” Austen.

“He’s been doing this longer than most of us — or at least longer than me — we’re not stupid,” Ciara stated. “If you bring up something as controversial as that, you know it’s going to be a topic of conversation in the house. You know what you’re doing.”

Ciara then noted that the idea of Lindsay making a move on Austen was far from unbelievable.

“It wouldn’t be weird if that happened. They kiss, they make out. It wouldn’t be weird. It was that same narrative from the summertime,” she shared. “It wasn’t out of the ordinary, or out of character, for either one of them.”

While Lindsay ultimately left Winter House on good terms with the cast, she and Amanda haven’t spoken since Amanda suggested on Watch What Happens Live, at Andy Cohen‘s prompting, that Lindsay was rude to fans.

“I thought that we were in a good enough place where me saying that wouldn’t have come off– or, she wouldn’t have thought it was malicious or an attack,” Amanda said of the comment. “I knew that she wouldn’t be like, ‘Oh, thanks, Amanda…’ but I also didn’t expect that severe of a reaction from her. I really didn’t think it was going to make her that upset, and I feel bad about that, but there’s a lot of pressure on Watch What Happens Live to be funny, be entertaining, be witty, spill the tea.”

As for season seven of Summer House, Ciara said the new episodes will be “a ride,” saying, along with Amanda, that it will be “chaotic,” “a doozy,” and “emotionally exhausting,” and adding that Austen will not be featured.

“Certain people aren’t allowed back on Summer House,” Ciara confirmed. “We’re done with the Austen Kroll story everyone, we’re done.”

Also in the new season, fans will see more of what prompted the falling out between Lindsay and Danielle Olivera.

“There’s underlying things or stuff that happened prior to that buildup, but for the most part, I think we all watched it play out and you guys will too,” Amanda teased.

Summer House season seven is set to premiere in 2023 on Bravo.