Robyn Dixon Reveals If Juan Dixon Still Talks to Michael Darby, RHOP Fans’ Least Liked Costar, and Michelle Obama’s Shoutout, Plus Marriage and Prenup Updates

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RHOP's Robyn Dixon on If Juan Still Talks to Michael Darby, Fans' Least Liked Cast Member, and Michelle Obama's Shoutout, Plus Where Juan Stands With Prenup

Robyn Dixon appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, where she spoke of fiancé Juan Dixon‘s current relationship with Michael Darby, the soon-to-be-ex-husband of her Real Housewives of Potomac co-star, Ashley Darby.

In addition to sharing who she believes is the fans’ least liked cast member and reacting to Michelle Obama coming forward as a viewer of the Bravo series, Robyn revealed if Juan and Michael are still in touch and spoke of their prenup.

On the December 18 episode of WWHL, after she was asked if Juan is currently in contact with Michael, Robyn gave a quick “no.”

And after fellow guest Gizelle Bryant named Wendy Osefo as the RHOP cast member who is least liked by fans, Robyn had a different idea.

“Me at this point,” she admitted.

But while Robyn may not be having the greatest season, both she and Gizelle were thrilled to learn that the former First Lady is tuning in — at least in part.

“[I’m] very proud,” Gizelle noted, asking, “Do you think Barack comes in the room and watches it with her?”

She also added, “Sorry, Michelle, in advance for all the things that I’ve done,” as Robyn also expressed regret.

“Now I feel embarrassed,” she stated.

Later, while appearing on the WWHL: After Show, Robyn was asked where Juan stands on the topic of their prenuptial agreement — and its potential infidelity clause — and questioned about why he wouldn’t sign it if he was truly confident in their relationship.

“Who said he wouldn’t sign it? He pretty much is like, ‘Robyn, whatever you want I’ll do it.’ So we get to a good place with it,” Robyn confirmed.

Meanwhile, back on the live broadcast, Robyn teased of her and Juan’s impending wedding date, “You’ll find out,” before addressing the drama surrounding Candiace Dillard-Bassett‘s rant on Instagram Live.

After being asked if she feels she owes an apology to Candiace since Candiace wasn’t talking about her, Karen Huger, or Wendy in her rant, and actually commended her businesses, Robyn confirmed she hadn’t heard the full stream.

“I only heard the snippet that I saw. I don’t watch Candiace’s IG Live. I don’t have time like that,” Robyn clarified. “[But] she should say that. I don’t know how you go on and say ‘all of these women are whatever,’ that’s a slippery slope, and the reason I heard it is because people thought it was wrong.”

Then, after Andy Cohen asked her if she has realized that Charrisse Jackson-Jordan did, in fact, need to hold her back amid her feud with Wendy on a previous episode, Robyn denied any such thing — as Andy continued to press.

“We got some context missing here. She did not,” Robyn stated.

“Well, the clip shows that she was,” Andy noted.

“She didn’t have to hold me back,” Robyn repeated.

“Well she was holding you back,” Andy continued.

But Robyn wouldn’t admit any such thing.

“She wasn’t holding me back. She got up. She even says in that moment it was a natural reaction to get up but I didn’t need her holding me back,” Robyn insisted. “She told me to stand in my truth 20 times. I didn’t need Charrisse to hold me back. She wasn’t holding me. She just got up and touched me but I didn’t need her to do it.”

“She was holding you back,” Andy replied.

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