Prosecution Asks Judge to Sentence Jen Shah to 10-Years in Prison, Accuses RHOSLC Star of Profiting Off Crimes

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Prosecution Recommends 10-Year Sentence for Jen Shah, Says She's "Most Culpable" and Accuses RHOSLC Star of Profiting Off Charges With 'Justice for Jen' Merch

Jen Shah may be hoping for a three-year prison term, but the prosecution involved in her telemarketing case has other plans.

Five months after the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud after previously proclaiming her innocence, attorney Ronald Richards shared a court document, which confirms that the prosecution in the case is seeking 10 years for the reality star.

“The government brief painstakingly shows she was the most responsible, her free Jen Shah campaign backfired, and all of her shenanigans as well have now backfired,” Ronald wrote in the caption of his December 23 post, which included a document from Judge Sidney H. Stein.

“For nearly a decade, the defendant was an integral leader of a wide-ranging, nationwide telemarketing fraud scheme that victimized thousands of innocent people. Many of those people were elderly or vulnerable. Many of those people suffered significant financial hardship and damage. At the defendant’s direction, victims were defrauded over and over again until they had nothing left,” the document alleged, going on to say that “[Jen] is the most culpable person charged in this case.”

As the prosecution requested Jen be thrown in prison for a decade, Ronald said the RHOSLC cast member’s “big mouth post arrest” certainly didn’t help her defense.

¨Despite the defendant’s best efforts, she got caught. She then went on a public offensive and tried to profit off the charges by selling ‘Justice for Jen’ merchandise,” the document explained. “She pled guilty at the eleventh hour, only after receiving the Government’s trial exhibits and witness statements.”

“In light of her conduct and her post-arrest behavior, her belated expressions of remorse ring hollow,¨ it added.

As RHOSLC fans may have seen, Jen requested a three-year term earlier this month, blaming her poor business decisions on “personal painful experiences” she went through as her attorneys insisted she was not a “kingpin” in the scheme and had no direct communication with victims.

Her defense also said that Jen “has never been a ‘housewife’” and described the Bravo series as “partially scripted and highly edited.”

She will be sentenced on January 6, 2023.

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