Kim Kardashian Fears Potential Boyfriends Will Be “Scared” of Kanye West, Cries Over “Really F-cking Hard” Co-Parenting, and Talks Balenciaga Scandal

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Kim Kardashian Fears Potential Boyfriends Will Be "Scared" of Kanye West, Admits Co-Parenting is "Really F-cking Hard," and Talks Balenciaga Scandal

Kim Kardashian is worried ex-husband Kanye West will scare off potential boyfriends.

Months after calling it quits with Pete Davidson following about a year of dating — and many online attacks from the rapper, The Kardashians cast member opened up about her future suitors while also dishing on her co-parenting challenges with Kanye and the backlash she received for waiting to speak out against Balenciaga.

“There’s a part of me that is like, ‘Oh my God, is everyone gonna be scared because I don’t have the easiest ex?’” Kim admitted on the December 26 episode of the Angie Martinez IRL podcast, via Page Six. “I don’t think that’s fair for me to ever put someone in a situation or bring a new person in who could be super innocent. Then there’s a side of me that’s like, ‘Why would I ever have to live that way?’”

Although Kim expressed concern, she made it clear she’s currently in the “fun zone” of dating.

“I don’t know if I’ll get married again, but I’ll have my forever partner. I know that. He’s coming, absolutely,” she said. “I’m at peace and I’m gonna have fun until that happens.”

Kim is also staying focused on the four children she shares with Kanye, including North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 3, and said she does her best to protect them from the scandals he’s recently sparked with his White Lives Matter march, and anti-Semetic commentary, among other things.

“I definitely protected him and I still will, in the eyes of my kids — for my kids,” she stated, as seen in a clip shared by TMZ. “In my home, my kids don’t know anything that goes on in the outside world … At school, some of my best friends are the teachers so I know what goes on at recess. I know what goes on at lunch time. I hear what’s being talked about. None of the kids have ever said anything to my kids. I protect stuff in the house as far as like the TVs and the content that’s on. It is [a full-time job].”

While Kim acknowledged that she wants to disassociate herself from specific thoughts and things being said because it’s not who she is, she doesn’t let her feelings towards Kanye and his behavior impact her family.

“If we’re riding to school and they want to listen to their dad’s music, no matter what we’re going through and no matter what is happening in the world, I have to have that smile on my face and blast his music and sing along with my kids.”

Continuing on about her own dad, Robert Kardashian, Kim said she had the “best dad” and wants the same for her children.

“Co-parenting, it’s really f-cking hard but I had the best dad and the best memories and the greatest experience and that’s all I want for my kids. As long as they can have that, that’s what I would want for them,” she stated. “So if they don’t know things that are being said, or what’s happening in the world, why would I bring that energy to them? That’s really heavy, heavy grownup sh-t that they’re not ready to deal with and when they are, we’ll have those conversations.”

“One day, my kids will thank me for not sitting here and bashing their dad when I could,” she added.

Also during the interview, Kim admitted to finding Balenciaga’s controversial ad campaign, which featured children holding bondage-style bears, “horrifying“ and “disturbing,” and explained why she waited to speak out.

“Everyone was like, ‘Why aren’t you speaking out?’ And I’m like, ‘Wait, I’m not in this campaign. I don’t know what’s happening. Let me take a minute to research this.’ And then as soon as I saw what everyone was seeing on the internet and the reality of the situation, I completely spoke out and gave my thoughts on child porn and completely denounced it,” she shared.

But, as she also explained, even after she spoke out, people weren’t happy because she didn’t outright say, “F-ck you Balenciaga,” and cancel the brand.

“The whole point of life is to make mistakes, is to grow and to evolve and to be better people,” she noted. “[But] obviously there’s no place or an ounce to even play with anything with children, like any sexualization of children, there’s not an ounce of that in our brains and in our society.”

The Kardashians season three is currently in production.